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Mistrunner - Shaman Overload Minion

Mistrunner Card Image

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Quote From Sinti

That is one scary tempo card. Almost Bonemare level, but a lot cheaper. Turn 5 will again be one to look out for to clear your opponent's board, if they're Shaman, to not get roflstomped. The Overload (1) means you can smoothly curve out into another Mistrunner :D This card will see plenty play imho.

Conjure Mana Biscuit - Delicious Mage Spell

Conjure Mana Biscuit Card Image

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Quote From Sinti

You can basically save up Mana now, and use it to trigger spell synergy in a process. This will surely give birth to some crazy combos. Maybe Kael'thas Sunstrider Mage can make a comeback? Well, anything is possible, more so since Mage can discover this multiple times, thought in that scenario, you might want an actual card. It is definitely a card to look out for.

Imprisoned Phoenix - Spell Damage for Mages and Shamans

Imprisoned Phoenix Card Image

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Quote From ShadowsOfSense

The return of the Dormant mechanic! This time on an interesting minion type - does it count as playing an Elemental on your previous turn if it enters Dormant? I don't think that's particularly relevant to the power level of the card, but an interesting question nonetheless.

2 mana 2/3 is very fair stats for a Vanilla creature, so all the Dormant power is being placed in that Spell Damage +2. Having a source of Spell Damage that you know is coming up soon will allow you to manage your plays a little with it in mind - perhaps holding off on that board clear until you can really let them have it - but the real power is in setting up for a future kill turn.

Drop two of these and you're signalling to your opponent that they're on a clock, unless they think they can survive 10 damage Fireballs to the face. Instead of having to manage your mana all in one turn, you're setting aside some mana on an earlier turn to free you up to go all out later on. 10 mana gets you 26 damage from two Fireballs and a Frostbolt with two of these out - best hope you can win before then!

Felfire Deadeye- Hunting Cheaper Hero Powers

Felfire Deadeye Card Image

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Quote From Soon

Come back later for our review on this card.

Guidance - Overload Value for Shamans and Druids

Guidance Card Image

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Quote From sule

A weaker Discover effect that can potentially pay dividends if you're willing to pay the price. I say it's a weaker Discover because it gives you fewer options to choose from, even if you have the added choice of taking both spells. It is better than "Add two random spells to your hand (Overload: 1)" because it gives you the choice of not taking the Overload if you only like one spell. I think I like this in a lot of Druid decks (Token, Guardians, Big) just because at worst it can fish for a possibly useful spell and the value of taking two spells for the cost of one is incredibly appealing. Shaman could conceivably run this in a deck that cares about Overload, since in those decks you'd be adding two cards to your hand while enabling your Overload payoffs.

All in all, this looks extremely flexible and incredibly fun to play with.

Resizing Pouch - So Many Possibilities!

Resizing Pouch Card Image

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Quote From BloodMefist

I feel like I've seen this as a custom card for years, and now it's finally made its way into the game. This is very hard to evaluate without seeing it in practice and might drastically change in average viability as sets rotate in and out, changing the Discover pool by quite a bit. This has no direct synergies with any current archetype and would likely be the first card removed in a decklist, but its very flexible in slower decks as it can semi-reliably nab you something good since Discover effects are limited to Neutral and your class. In Hunter I imagine it will primarily be used in Highlander, but something slow like a Value or Combo deck might make use of it. I think this benefits Druid a lot more than Hunter though, since mana-ramp means you can Discover large threats if you haven't drawn any of your own. Being a cheap spell also helps fuel some of Druid's engines and strategies.

Runaway Blackwing - Its Nine o Clock Here

Runaway Blackwing Card Image

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Quote From Demonxz95

So you thought you could escape Ragnaros the Firelord? Not quite because he's back. Back with +1/+1, one extra damage and he can attack. The ability can't target face unlike Ragnaros, which is better if you want to control the board, although this also means that you can't finish the game with it or summon a bunch of them at once to lethal your opponent from nowhere.

In any deck that wishes to cheat minions out, or summon tiny copies of big minions from space, this card will be in those decks.

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