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Illidari Studies - Demon Hunter Outcast Power

Illidari Studies Card Image

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Quote From Demonxz95

Illidan's finally been studying in school!

Card generation is supposed to be a weakness in Demon Hunter (believe it or not, they do in fact have weaknesses), so the fact that they get good ones with relative frequency is a little weird. Most of the Study cards saw quite a bit of play, so I believe this one will purely by association. Lots of Outcast cards draw cards when they are Outcast or draw cards with an extra effect upon being played from Outcast. Of note is that Discovered cards will always go to the right-most spot of your hand meaning that the Outcast will be active after you Discover it. Star Student Stelina becomes better when generated elsewhere and Illidari Felblade can be a really good pull if you need 5 damage in a pinch.

Hilarious note is that you can get pre-nerf Eye Beam with this by Discovering it since it will be in Outcast making it cost 1, and then the Study effect will make it cost 0.

Felsaber - Demon Hunter Go Face

Felsaber Card Image

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Quote From Sinti

Pretty beefy Demon for its Cost. And not like you don't want to be attacking as Illidan, or it costs you that much. Can definitely find a way into some more midrange-y DH decks, are those even a thing? No matter, the stats are stats and letting it attack should be relatively easy. Just maybe be careful which Hero Power you have in Duels :)

Backfire - So Many Cards for Warlock

Backfire Card Image

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Quote From sule

Here's something you should know about me: If I see a card that says: "Draw 3 cards," I've already stopped reading and put the maximum allowed copies in my deck. This is Arcane Intellect on speed. Paying 3 to draw 3 is exceptionally good, and is the damage really a drawback? Considering that Warlock has been historically fine with paying 2 Mana to take two damage and draw one card, I think that Gul'dan will be more than happy to draw two more cards for only one more Mana and damage.

It synergizes with Soul Fragments and Aranasi Broodmother for starters but it also works well with the entire self-damage suite: Darkglare, Flesh Giant, Brittlebone Destroyer. It's a great rate for premium cycle and the "drawback" can actually be a bonus in the right situation. How could this possibly Backfire?

Crabrider - Adorable!

Crabrider Card Image

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Quote From ShadowsOfSense

Rust in pieces, Flying Machine. You… weren't really that great anyway to be honest, so a better version of you seems like a fair shout.

This is a really strong piece for Murloc decks I think, as having higher Health isn't something you see too often for them at such a low Mana cost. The Rush means that this card can come down and ping away at a couple of enemies almost like a Blowgill Sniper, and if it survives that Windfury means that all the buffs you'd expect in a Murloc deck are that much more potent on it.

Even beyond Murloc decks I don't hate this card for general aggro purposes, especially if you're running Attack buffs. It's the strongest Neutral Windfury minion in a while, certainly the best low-cost Neutral one ever - it seems like Rush is what was needed to help Windfury actually work (looking at you, Gyrocopter and Siamat).

Hysteria - Just a Little Bit of Hysteria

Hysteria Card Image

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Quote From BloodMefist

Hysteria - Y'all remember Mass Hysteria? Well now we finally see what it looks like on a smaller scale, and its pretty good. Against a board where you have nothing and the enemy has at least two things, this is guaranteed to kill at least one minion but will likely take down several if not the whole board. For just 3 mana this bad boy can cause a Libram Paladin's 8/8 Divine Shield or Argent Braggart to run amok on their own board, or cause a Shaman's big evolve target to wipe everything clean. At its worst you use it against a wide board and target a minion with the highest health to clear as many small things as possible. Priest and Warlock also have the added benefit of some overstatted minions, especially in terms of health, and can use this to turn their minions into board clears. A buffed up Apotheosis minion will be a huge swing for Priests when it can hit everything on the same turn. Although Priest and Warlock already have a a ton of hard removal, I think this card is good enough to be played in every slow deck until it rotates. 

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