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Dark Inquisitor Xanesh - Maximum Corruption Feat. Priest

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh Card Image

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Quote From BloodMefist

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh - A spicy card akin to Frizz Kindleroost, but with much more niche cards and a worse statline for the cost. In Priest this card has limited applications since their Corrupt cards (Fairground Fool, Insight, and Auspicious Spirits) are not that great to begin with and Priest already has a multitude of ways to reduce costs. It can make Carnival Clown and Fleethoof Pearltusk far easier to Corrupt, which is nice, but still not deck-enabling enough. The card is probably too weak and overshadowed to see any play, which is a shame since this is likely the last time we see the Corrupt mechanic for a long time, if we ever see it again. 

Deathwarden - No Rattlin' For You!

Deathwarden Card Image

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Quote From Sinti

If you don't play Arena, you probably don't even remember Mindbreaker is a card :) This seems to be a distant cousin. Definitely more impactful in what it does. It kinda acts as a semi-silence on the turn you play it, and you can choose when to drop it for most value, when you want to clear out enemy Deathrattle minions. Man, I actually love this vs Libram Paladin. Hell yes! One thing I'm kinda questioning is its rarity, seems like it is being gatekeeped behind Epic on purpose, but I suppose being the only Epic in the mini-set, it does give it more significance.

Arbor Up - Trees Stop It, Blizzard

Arbor Up Card Image

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Quote From Demonxz95

Now that's quite a pun right there. And some unexpected Treant support.

This seems like a pretty solid Druid buff/summoner. On its own, 5 mana for two 4/3s isn't too bad. One strength for it though exists as a board buffer because it gives ALL of your minions +2/+1. The buff is also permanent. It doesn't expire at the end of the turn, which does make it a stronger board buff. For finishing the game, Savage Roar is better. For more proactive board plays though, or just simply buffing the board, this is better.

Glacier Racer - Cool Runnings

Glacier Racer Card Image

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Quote From sule

Solid stats for a 1-Drop, but we're much more interested in that effect. Everyone knows the ol' Frost Nova Doomsayer combo, but how about for one less Mana we play Glacier Racer Frost Nova? We're basically casting Blizzard for four mana! This is a pretty powerful board control tool if you use it correctly. But this isn't just a Control tool, it deals that damage to ALL frozen enemies. Did Blizzard give Freeze Mage a new Ice Lance? This could be a lot of fun.

Bola Shot - Spreading the Love

Bola Shot Card Image

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Quote From Demonxz95

This is a fine AoE for Hunter, vaguely reminiscent of both Powershot and Grievous Bite, both of which were fine cards that generally saw a bit of play. It's not the strongest thing in the world, but cards like this generally see quite a bit of use where Hunter lacks in AoE, so I reckon people will probably experiment with it. Being able to deal 2 damage to two things for 2 mana is not that bad, and being able to deal 1 damage to another makes it a little bit better. It's a simple card, and while it isn't the strongest thing in the world, I think it could deceptively be pretty good.

It's also a really good spell for Professor Slate as well, being able to kill up to 3 things for 2 mana.

Libram of Judgment - That's Not a Spell!

Libram of Judgment Card Image

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Quote From Aesan

Libram of Judgment - Whoa. Talk about stern judgment. Or as Aldor Truthseeker would say: "I'm going to throw the book at you". Now you get to slap people over heads with your Librams. Quite literally. Who needs Lord Tirion Fordring and his trusted Ashbringer anyway. 

Since this is a Libram card (non-spell one to boot) and Paladins can heavily discount those, corrrupting it for that Lifesteal gain might be easier than expected. It is also a lot of damage to either send face on the opposing side, or stall for survival if you are going for some kind of Control archetype. Maybe now the Old Gods find more of a place there. 

We are of course taking for granted here that it's going to work like all other Libram cards and potentially cost very little over the course of a match. No reason not to. As such, it's shaping up to be very, very powerful. And somehow it's a Common. Expect your Libram Paladin overlords to come out in droves and mercilessly judge the meta. 

Ironclad - Armor Up!

Ironclad Card Image

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Quote From Avalon

Ironclad - Now we see more reasons to run Armor Vendor. Even if that won't be the case, turn 2 Armor Up! into turn 3 Ironclad is quite the curve play. A very normal, if not slightly underwhelming, minion without the Battlecry, but that can generate a powefrplay if you manage to meet the conditions in time for its stats to matter in the early game. Sword and Board can really help for some immediate armor gain, but this minion gives reasons to run Armorsmith even when Risky Skipper will rotate.

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