We've got a new legendary questline arriving in Hearthstone in the near future! Datamined into today's 19.4 update, there are three new quests coming that will reward us with a total of 9 card packs!

Keep in mind that datamined information is subject to change up until it releases or Blizzard issues official confirmation.

  • Each quest that is completed rewards you with 3 packs:
    • 2x Darkmoon Faire
    • 1x Scholomance
  • No experience appears to be rewarded for these quest completions.

Here are the quests you can expect to complete when they release. Note that this is a quest chain so you have to complete them in order and they only require playing so there isn't any need to win if you aren't a fan of Duels.

Quote From Out of Cards Datamining

Happy New Year

  • Play 1 game of Battlegrounds.

Happy New Year

  • Play 5 Duels.

Happy New Year

  • Play 5 games of Standard Ranked.