Darkmoon Races has been out for less than a week, but the ladder experimentation is far from being over!

The new meta is starting to shape up (Aggro Rogue seems to be one of the most powerful decks out there), but there's still room for improvements and new discoveries. In the meantime, check out these fresh decklists featuring the new cards from the mini set and enjoy ranked with us!

Charon's Dragon Druid

This deck features 3 new cards: Dreaming Drake is a nice anti-aggro tool that can be corrupted by good cards like Overgrowth and Swipe (note: you'd normally want to keep Swipe for your Malygos, but if you're against Aggro you won't get to the OTK stage of the game, so using it as a tempo play is fine); Resizing Pouch adjusts your curve and has a chance to give you an additional Lightning Bloom; Arbor Up grants board presence, burst potential has synergy with Anubisath Defender and to a minor extent with Umbral Owl and works toward the completion of a brand new achievement!

FenoHS' Mozaki Mage

Conjure Mana Biscuit is far more impressive than it may look - it is insane fuel for Mozaki, Master Duelist's scaling effect and has singlehandedly brought back the deck all the way to top legend, which is a rather impressive achievement if you ask us.

As you might have understood, the deck is far from being completely refined (Feno has been experimenting with versions running Gadgetzan Auctioneer), but it is not the only one far from its final form, so you should definitely give it a shot.

Zanananan's Control Rally Priest

Quite the interesting use of Rally!: each trigger will give you the chance to bring back both Sethekk Veilweaver and Nazmani Bloodweaver, which are two of the most powerful Priest cards out there and work wonderfully together.

While the deck is all about resource generation and flexibility towards your opponent's strategy, it now has a reliable way to sustain this gameplan.

Superior David's Murloc Paladin

In my honest opinion, Crabrider is one of the best cards in the entire mini set, especially if played in Paladin: coining it on one and following it up with Hand of A'dal and Murloc Warleader is straight-up devastating for your opponent. The deck runs Rally! too: of course you won't be able to get the Battlecries of the minions you'll resurrect, but it will help you to regain control of the board after a clear, which is what Murloc Paladin needs to do to win games.

Pizza's Big Warrior

If you're looking for a deck to complete Runaway Blackwing's achievement without losing too many games, we have exactly what you need! Pizza implemented it in his brand new iteration of Big Warrior so that you'll have a chance to trigger its effect multiple times in a single match and maybe bring home a couple of victories along the way too!

Enrage Warrior

Nitroboost Poison is such a good card it's not even funny. This archetype has been top tier for a lot of time since the release of Risky Skipper back in Galakrond's Awakening, and now it has received another strong tool to play with. While Enrage Warrior is not as original as other lists in this article, we still suggest you give it a shot and make this meta even more diverse!

Leta's Prime Warlock

While this is not the best deck from the competitive point of view (words of his creator), it is plenty of fun and allows to get multiple triggers off of Envoy Rustwix's Deathrattle for a crap ton of Primes - tutor it with Sense Demons, duplicate it with Felosophy, bring it back with Vectus and Kanrethad Prime and enjoy your value with Tome of Origination!

What do you think of these decks? In what ways are you playing with the new cards? Share your own deck creations with the community by adding them to our deck database via our deckbuilder and sharing them in the comments below.