It's almost here! Can you feel it too?

The weekend has arrived, which means we'll be taking the customary look at the Wild side of Hearthstone. Despite the imminence of Saviors of Uldum I was able to leave theorycraft decks out from this post as requested last time.* Let's see what our lovely community members have shared with us this week. Don't forget to check out their guides!

*Couple of decks have included a card or two from the new expansion but you should be able to have fun with the decks with some replacements.

Quest Mech Paladin

The Last Kaleidosaur will now be the first deck in this post. Clessenur's deck goes heavy on Mechs but packs an alternative win condition through Galvadon thanks to the endless Spare Parts you're able to generate as you go.

OTK Warlock

If you love wacky OTKs you should try this deck out. I won't go into too much gameplay details as it would take too much space, but the general idea of LyraSilvertongue's deck is to have immune Knife Juggler and Necrotic Geist on board while Defile keeps killing the Ghoul tokens.

Big Priest Counter Mage

Everyone who recently played Wild must have felt the frustration of losing to Big Priest. If you're not intending to stare at your overall winrate too intensively, Morkimus has put together a list where almost every card is aimed at making Big Priests feel miserable. It should be good therapy for those who have seen enough Anduin lately.

Fatigue Warrior

If you're not afraid of long games, here's a deck that aims to go to distance. Meteorite12 has included Hakkar, the Soulflayer in the list to make sure that your opponent isn't trying any Mecha'thun shenanigans (and I'd assume Hakkar+Elysiana isn't a bad combo against other control decks either).

Even Hunter

Last but not the least, we'll have a deck that has both the gameplay and the story. RavenSun's Even Hunter packs some strong secret synergies alongside the Red Riding Hood vibes. I vote for more story as well.

And if stories are your thing, you should check out AngryShuckie's Banana Saga (over three decks) and the spider-y tales of Enk.

Want even more Wild? Take a look at these Wild decks. Looking for something to play on expansion release? We have some theorycraft decks right here.

If you've put together the Wildest of homebrews or a gamebreaking theorycraft, create a Wild deck and share your creation in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!