HSReplay has published the top decks to climb based on their stats for this early Darkmoon Races meta.

If you're done having fun while experimenting with the new cards and you want to go back to grinding on the ladder, you should definitely check these lists - in the end, the January season will end in just a week, so you don't want to miss you end-of-the-month rewards!

Highlander Hunter

This deck has been at the top of the meta for so long it's not even funny anymore: it appears that Dinotamer Brann is really good even if it costs 8 mana. Bola Shot, Saddlemaster, Resizing Pouch and Felfire Deadeye haven't been impactful enough for Highlander Hunter to consider them, so the list is literally the same of the pre-Darkmoon Races meta.

Weapon Rogue

Weapon Rogue is back and it looks like it is here to stay. We are talking about an archetype that was singlehandedly brought back to life by a Darkmoon Races' goodie that Rogue received: Nitroboost Poison is such a powerful card and gives you many benefits like discounting Cutting Class, getting a bigger Steeldancer minion and, of course, hitting your opponent in the head harder and harder with Self-Sharpening Sword.

Aggro Shaman

I've been playing this list personally, and I am truly amazed by the amount of burst you have at disposal - Rockbiter Weapon and Stormstrike combined with Doomhammer grant you an incredible damage output, while Diligent Notetaker keeps you from finishing your gas before the opponent is dead. Moreover, Cagemaster custodianBADCARDNAME is what gives you incredible consistency: being able to have your weapon equipped by turn 5 dramatically increases your odds of winning.

Spell Druid

Now that the mini set is out Druid seems to have enough tools to build an aggressive deck based around Fungal Fortunes without running any minions at all. The new Arbor Up is both a board control tool and an additional game finisher, and it pairs up incredibly well with a board of Glowflies. Solar Eclipse is definitely a key card in this deck: pay attention to what effect you want to double up because this spell is able to grant you so much damage that sometimes you don't even think about it.

Zoo Warlock

Darkglare's nerf of a few months ago crippled the deck, but Darkmoon Faire gave Zoo Warlock a good set of tools to overcome that obstacle and come back even stronger. Wicked Whispers is just a Grim Rally with a different (but still reasonable) condition, Wriggling Horror helps you in the early game turns against removal and other aggressive decks and Man'ari Mosher is there to let you tap without the fear of dying.

What do you think of these decks? What are you climbing the ladder with? Share your own deck creations with the community by adding them to our deck database via our deckbuilder and sharing them in the comments below.