Last week, Blizzard gave us codes to give away 5x 50 Card Pack bundles for Saviors of Uldum. We decided to make things fun we'd ask everyone what their favourite card from the set was.

Now, all the cards had not been revealed yet, so those that entered early may have had their opinions change.

Giveaway Winners and Their Favourite Cards

These are the cards all our winners picked along with what they had to say about it.

Siamat Card Image BEEEES!!! Card Image Diseased Vulture Card Image Plague of Murlocs Card Image Scarlet Webweaver Card Image

Quote From Franklintheturtle

I'm going to pick Siamat because, just like in WoW…he'll probably piss me off.

Quote From OmarComing

BEEEES!!! always makes me laugh just thinking about it, and I think that's what I could use in Hearthstone - more laughter!

Quote From SirSmorcalot

Diseased Vulture Straddles the line between busted and simply powerful quite nicely. On 6 mana it becomes an azure drake on steroids, and could potentially give neglected cards like spirit bomb a chance to shine. I haven't played much warlock recently, and this will give me a nice reason to revisit the class.

Quote From ArcticFox

Plague of Murlocs - I love how this card both synergizes with other shaman cards and completely hurts resurrect priest and lopsided decks that I feel are not fun. Murloc decks are fun. This card pushes toward a more fun meta.

Quote From Korialstrasz

So far I'm mostly interested in seeing Scarlet Webweaver played as janky combos in Hunter are always fun. Though i'm still excited to see what the Hunter Quest will end up being, hope it's not another meme like The Marsh Queen, which I love playing, but it's nothing serious of a deck.

Most Popular Responses

Now we can't just leave it at that, we also want to know what cards were mentioned the most.

Note that some people mentioned multiple cards in their posts, we didn't discriminate against that. Also, the data below includes people that commented after the giveaway deadline to make things more interesting.

The Top Three

High Priest Amet Card Image Mogu Cultist Card Image Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron Card Image

Most Popular by Class

BEEEES!!! Card Image Wild Bloodstinger Card Image Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron Card Image

Sir Finley of the Sands Card Image High Priest Amet Card Image Anka, the Buried Card Image

Plague of Murlocs Card Image Dark Pharaoh Tekahn Card Image Frightened Flunky Card Image

Would You Change Your Mind?

After seeing all the cards revealed, would you have picked a different card as your favourite? Tell us in the comments below, but just for fun this time, nothing to win =)

Card Mentions Data

The data for the above card mentions can be found on Github's Gist.