A small patch dropped late yesterday, bringing a host of welcome adjustments. Unfortunately, certain bugs still remain not squashed, and a new one that is potentially game-breaking for Duels might have been introduced.

We have not yet had any official word on some of these problems, while others wait to be dealt with. If you do encounter any of these, make sure to report them to the developers if you haven't yet via the official forums. It can be very frustrating to deal with, but more voices help with visibility. Here are the current known issues in Patch 19.4.1:

  • Duels runs that aren't giving any rewards and it might remember your previous record for matchmaking purposes. (Source) (Source) (Source)
  • Duels runs are ending prematurely. (Source)
  • Deathstrider in Duels still reported as freezing or crashing games occasionally. (Source)
  • Scrapmetal Demolitionist has a visual bug not showing gained updates correctly. (Source)
  • Mr. Bigglesworth's hero power in Battlegrounds is not working as intended. (Source)
  • The bug in Battlegrounds which ends the game before last combat still exists. (Source)
  • Some iOS users are freezing upon loading Hearthstone. Reinstalling appears to fix the issue. (Source)

This should not be possible, Blizzard! Thanks to Kwee on the TeamAmerica's Discord for the image.

Have you been afflicted by any of these bugs? Are there other ones you have encountered that we haven't mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!