Darkmoon Faire mini-set brought us some new legendaries to enjoy, but how to best utilize them? Fear not, we have the answer thanks to the power of data (provided by HSReplay). Today, we'll take a closer look at Standard decks with our friend from Outland, Envoy Rustwix.

Envoy Rustwix Card Image

Control Warlock

Envoy is just the kind of slow-but-high-value card that Control decks LOVE to have, so no wonder that they've found room for the inclusion.


Thanks to the fast draw of Zoolocks you may empty up your deck relatively fast, and that's when Envoy comes in play with an additional late game power spike. It can also create continuous value if you get another copy from Kanrethad Prime(s).

Galakrond Warlock

Control with a slightly different flavor. Which one do you prefer: with Galakrond or not?

Quest Warlock

The idea of the deck is very similar than Leta's list that Avalon showcased some time ago: create a lot of Primes, draw a lot of (zero-cost) Primes, win.

Looking for more Envoy Rustwix decks? Look no further!

Came up with a list yourself? Create a deck and share it in the comments below.