The Darkmoon Faire mini-set brought us some new legendaries to enjoy, but how to best utilize them? Fear not, we have the answer thanks to the power of data (provided by HSReplay). Today, we'll take a closer look at Standard decks with the terror of Darkmoon Island, Moonfang.

Moonfang Card Image

Menagerie Paladin

At the time of writing, this deck has a mindshattering 58.5% winrate in Diamond-to-Legend. No Nozdormu the Timeless. I just can't...frosty.exe has stopped working.

Guardian Druid

This is not how Guardian Druids look like back when I was young. The kids these days don't have the patience to play anything that costs more than Guardian Animals itself...

Beast Hunter

This feels like the true home of Moonfang. Just pray that you opponent has no easy way to remove it when you taunt it up with Houndmaster.

Midrange Shaman

This Shaman list has a lot of things going. It's a bit like Totem Shaman but not at all like Totem Shaman, and Moonfang looks like a because-I-can kind of inclusion. But hey, can't argue with those results.

Looking for more Moonfang decks? Look no further!

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