In tonight's community Q&A from our cool Hearthstone Dad, Dean Ayala, we got confirmation of some aspects of the upcoming Classic set rework!

  • New cards will be added to the set.
  • Old cards will be making a return.
  • Some older cards are being rebalanced.

We don't know exactly when this shakeup is going to arrive nor do we know any of the changes, though we are expecting to hear something about it at the upcoming BlizzConline event. It is possible that the changes will arrive prior to the new expansion release, sorta like how we saw the Priest rework last year hit almost 2 weeks before Ashes of Outland launched. Regardless of when it arrives, players have been asking for large changes in the Classic set for a long time and it looks like we won't have to wait much longer.

Read on for his tiny albeit important tweet. What cards do you want to see removed? Brought back? Rebalanced? Let us know in the comments below!

Quote From Dean Ayala

Can you leak anything about the upcoming basic/classic redo?

There will be some new cards, some old cards, some rebalanced cards. We decided not to bring back barnes tho (Source)