A new season has begun, and if you like to do your laddering business early on, you're in luck! Today we'll take a look at some well-performing Wild lists (based on HSReplay's data) that contain at least one of the new Darkmoon mini-set's cards.

DISCLAIMER: Data taken from Diamond-Legend. Since the requirement is to have at least one new card, these are not always the most optimal lists for laddering. Also Avalon stole some of the lists for his own posts so no Highlander Rogue or Big Dragon Shaman for you in this post.

Pirate Warrior

Last week we showcased Kingsbane Rogue with only one new card, Nitroboost Poison. Want to guess what's the only new card good enough for equally aggressive Pirate Warrior?

Highlander Warlock

Armor Vendor is the new Mistress of Mixtures that a lot of non-aggressive lists seem to run in both formats. And even though Hysteria's OTK potential has severely diminished, it's still decent enough removal for Highlander decks to run.

Spell Token Druid

Is this the future of Malfurion in Wild? This list is the strongest Druid deck that the data has to offer in the highest ranks by a clear margin. Arbor Up is definitely a real deal.

Handbuff Paladin

Now that's an archetype I did not expect to rise up, but the strength of Crabrider has made people play weirder things already. This blast from the past even includes the elusive Chillblade Champion. I can't even tell when was the last time I saw that card...

Even Hunter

The temptation of a 0-cost Hero Power has gotten Hunters to include Felfire Deadeye to the new Even lists. Thanks to the strength of Pirates in both Warrior and Rogue, Golakka Crawler is also back in the menu.

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Came up with something Fair-ly fun yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!