We've already seen what kind of decks the new legendaries Moonfang, Keywarden Ivory, and Envoy Rustwix are best utilized (sorry Xanesh, the results just aren't there), and now it's time to take a look at what old and new strategies the other cards have inspired. Once again, HSReplay's data will be there to assist us.

DISCLAIMER: Data is taken from Diamond-Legend unless mentioned otherwise. Spotlighted cards are quite randomly selected.

Tempo Demon Hunter

Illidari Studies Card ImageFelfire Deadeye Card ImageFelsaber Card Image

A lot of new cards in this one. However, we can't really be sure if the deck's high winrate (59%) is because the cards are good or because it's Demon Hunter we're speaking about here, after all.

Duel Paladin

Barricade Card ImageRunaway Blackwing Card Image

It seems like regardless of what Paladin flavor you've chosen, you should be winning most of the time. How did the class become so dominant? The same two new cards are also being used by Big Warriors with a slightly lower but yet positive winrate.

Secret Rogue

Nitroboost Poison Card ImageSparkjoy Cheat Card Image

Even though Questing Adventurer hasn't been included in this list, it still seems to find a way to win most of the time. The new Shenanigans secret still doesn't make the cut for the best performing lists of the archetype.

Cyclone Mage

Conjure Mana Biscuit Card ImageImprisoned Phoenix Card Image

You've probably seen Mozaki Mages eating the new Mana Biscuits, but the older fan favourite Cyclone Mage is also very interested in a generated card that allows mana cheating and spell-spammy turns.

Dragon Hunter

Saddlemaster Card ImageMoonfang Card Image

Honestly, I didn't even remember that Saddlemaster was a card, and it has somehow found its way to Dragon Hunter of all places. The deck's winning, so I'll be quiet about it.

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