In tonight's community Q&A with Dean Ayala, a question was asked about upgrading normal cards into goldens - a popular community request. Dean gave us a great answer.

  • They are working towards allowing us to upgrade normal cards to golden.
  • There are questions to solve - what does the UI look like, should you be able to use gold to upgrade.
  • This is a part of the same project that was announced last week which would allow us to craft hero portraits (and maybe card backs)

What do you think? Would you upgrade your normal cards to golden versions? Should Gold be allowed to be used instead of just dust? Let us know your thoughts on how it should work down below.

Quote From Dean Ayala

Many people would like to see the "upgrade card to its golden form" button, do you think that we might finally see it this year?

No timetable but it's something actively being kicked off as a project. It's part of the same project where we plan to make card back and (some) hero skins craftable. The open questions are how it looks in the UI, should you be able to use gold if you want, some others.