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Over the course of Saviors of Uldum’s production came a lot of concept art. The artists behind the cards will sometimes post their artwork to Artstation, which tends to reveal the process behind the artwork’s creation. Today we're highlighting those pieces of concept art as a part of our Uldum Essentials campaign.

Serpent Egg by Daria Tuzova

Our first subject is Serpent Egg, as both the egg itself and the Sea Serpent token have their own composition sketches, both of which are done by Daria Tuzova.

It appears that Daria was extremely persistent about the egg being on top of a lilypad.

Its Sea Serpent token also had its own set of sketches.

Desert Obelisk by Daria Tuzova

Daria also posted concept art for one other card within the set. The one and only… Desert Obelisk, which funnily enough, ended up with 3 different forms.

Body Wrapper by Azora Studio

Concept artwork of Body Wrapper, by Azora Studio.

Mogu Cultist by Azora Studio

Azora Studio also provided a sketch of Mogu Cultist.

Grandmummy & Generous Mummy by Jim Nelson

Here’s a sketch of Grandmummy and Generous Mummy, both by Jim Nelson, the artist behind THE MIGHTY MILLHOUSE MANASTORM!!!


Temple Berserker by Jim Nelson

Jim also provided two different sketches of Temple Berserker. One that ended up being the basis of the finished artwork, and the other appears to be purely conceptual.


Golden Scarab by Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson returns again with another sketch, this time of Golden Scarab.

Restless Mummy by Ivan Fomin

Some composition sketches of Restless Mummy, by Ivan Fomin. Clearly a Gral’s Sharks fan as he provided the artwork for 3 of Rogue’s Rastakhan's Rumble cards.

Not sure what's better; the more trope-ish design in B and C, or the more cartoony design in A and D.

Totemic Surge by Servando Lupini

Servando Lupini provided an art process video for Totemic Surge.

Dune Sculptor by Servando Lupini

Servando Lupini also provided an art process video for Dune Sculptor, in addition to composition sketches.

Worthy Expedition by Paul Mafayon

A sketch of Worthy Expedition by Paul Mafayon, who’s most (in)famous card would be Small-Time Buccaneer. If I just brought back some bad memories, I’m sorry.

Anka, the Buried by Paul Mafayon

Paul Mafayon also provided this artwork for Anka, the Buried. This is probably the most interesting piece of artwork we’ve come across so far, as it depicts Anka in a portrait frame. To me, this implies that Anka will end up being a boss in the Tombs of Terror adventure.

Tortollan Pilgrim by Rafael Zanchetin

Rafael Zanchetin went a bit out of his way for this one, providing both concept art, AND an art progress video for Tortollan Pilgrim.

I think we all know who's favorite card this is.

BEEEES!!! by Rafael Zanchetin

Rafael also provided not one, but two pieces of concept artwork for the one and only, BEEEES!!!.

But what's BEEEES!!! without BEEEE tokens? Or just Bee tokens.

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