We have a lift-off! Saviors of Uldum has arrived and all sort of happy tinkering and tuning is underway. To celebrate the SoU launch I've decided to include decks from all classes to this week's post. Keep in mind that everything is a bit more experimental right now, but you also shouldn't let that stop you from having fun! Don't forget to check out the deck guides for more gameplay tips.

Shameless non-Wild self-plug: Don't forget to visit our Uldum Essentials (= Blizzard promotion) posts for Quest decks and some cheaper Starter Decks. The mod team worked hard with the newly-formed content squad to bring you some good decks with guides.

Token Odd Druid

That's odd, this Druid deck has no pathetic even-cost cards (most original wordplay ever, I know). However, it didn't stop Tatsuya from filling the board with happy little Treants and winning some Wild games. He has also made a more budget-friendly version of the deck for those who aren't currently drowning in dust.

Looking to embark on a Wild Quest instead? Esparanta got you covered.

Quest Hunter

Unseal the Vault is possibly one of the harder Quests to make work but J3r3myDE is positive that he's onto something with this Hunter build. Revenge of the Wild may finally get it's time to shine with some surprise damage bursts aided by Ramkahen Roar.

No new cards, just draw Barnes. HSReplay's winrate widget seems to agree with Ortica about the strength of this deck.

Secret Mage

Something cheaper from Esparanta as this deck allows you to play with some new toys without having to spend a fortune. You certainly won't be milled to death when playing Jeeves instead of Aluneth.

Go Reno or go home? bsenk put some extra spice into the deck with Open the Waygate.

Quest Paladin

Watermelon86 has had some fun mummifying Immortal Prelates riding on Spikeridged Steeds. Suddenly it makes far more sense why the prelates are considered immortal, this deck was clearly meant to exist.

You find the older quest more fun? Dorkpork has a deck for you.

Quest Priest

Obelisk's Eye feels quite broken sometimes, but it wasn't good enough for Superkowboj1 who decided to make it cost (1) with the help of Raza the Chained. Seems balanced.

Kovachut has also continued his evil plotting with Madame Lazul and the older Priest Quest. The deck comes with yet another guide you should definitely read as Rafaam himself reveals his plans with the deck.

Highlander Pirate Rogue

That's right, RavenSun just made a Highlander Rogue in Wild but didn't include Reno Jackson as he didn't find it suitable for the Tempo-ish playstyle. Zephrys the Great is there though and that's all that matters, really.

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If you're insulted by the Reno-rejection, here's another Highlander Rogue from LyraSilvertongue with the man himself included. It also packs a fun King Togwaggle combo with Anka, the Buried.

Quest Elemental Shaman

Uldum's water supply is likely at a horrible condition right now, such indomitable has been the Shamans' quest to Corrupt the Waters. Not all quest decks resort to Shudderwock though, like BulboScumbeg's Elemental deck which stays true to its tribe and has Kalimos, Primal Lord and Siamat as the heavy hitters.

Of course there are Shudderwocks as well. MalcolmReynolds had this list to share.

Mill Highlander Warlock

Treachery-combo with Howlfiend is quite nice, but Fox has chosen to go even bigger with Octosari. Control will surely cry in the corner after meeting this deck.

No pain, no gain. L5G4ND won't stop hitting himself as Molten Giant, Hooked Reaver, and Diseased Vulture will give him heavy profit for doing so.

Taunt Warrior

Toplobster has come up with something quite ambitious, hasn't he? The goal of the deck is to complete the quest extremely early and therefore no card exceeds the 3-Mana limit in this fast Taunt build.

The new quest might be struggling a bit in Standard, but seems like a natural fit to Pirate Warrior in Wild. Here's RavenSun's version of it.

You really want even more Wild after all this? You're truly a passionate friend of the format. Here, take a look at these Wild decks.

Just pulled off the Wildest wombo-combo ever seen with Saviors of Uldum? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!