Blizzcon started the biggest reveal season in the history of the game - not only Forged in the Barrens, the new Hearthstone expansion, will be released soon, but with the beginning of the Year of the Gryphon, we'll also receive a new and completely free Core set.

The Core set will replace the Evergreen set (Classic and Basic sets) and will be made of:

Out of the 29 new cards, 3 have been revealed so far, and they're not trivial at all: Ysera, Malygos and Deathwing received reimagining in order to keep the lore fantasy of these characters around in Standard and to keep them up with the increase in power level that the game has gone through since its release in 2014. Note, these new cards we're going to showcase do not replace the older ones. The older cards will still be playable in Wild.

While we're still waiting to see if we'll get new forms of Nozdormu and Alexstrasza, here are the new versions of the three new Dragon Aspects together with our two cents.

Ysera the Dreamer Card Image

First of all, let's look at all the Dream cards and how they got rebalanced:

Now, let's compare Ysera the Dreamer to the original Ysera: the problem with the latter was that you were just playing a 9 mana 4/12 with no immediate impact whatsoever - you needed to spend your whole turn playing her, wait a turn, hope to be still alive and to have received a good Dream card. In other words, a card that was too slow card for modern Hearthstone.

Now we're getting Ysera the Dreamer which gives you all the Dream cards immediately, so we won't have to wait a turn to be able to get rewarded with Nightmare, which is an insta-cast Blessing of Kings, or the now 1-cost Dream that, assuming you're on turn 10, can be played to remove something nasty on your opponent's board as a cheaper Sap. The reworked card removes the painful RNG which prevented Ysera from being desirable in many decks.

All in all, a much faster card when compared to the original version, which promises lots of play in control-oriented archetypes. A great addition to the core set!

Malygos the Spellweaver Card Image

Malygos' +5 Spell Damage has always been problematic from a balance point of view - it even dodged the Hall of Fame a couple of times - so we're glad they moved away from that design while keeping the character's flavor.

Malygos the Spellweaver's effect quite reminds us of Myra's Unstable Element and Bwonsamdi, the Dead. While its cost makes it so that it will be hardly exploited by aggressive burn decks, we can see this card in spell-heavy combo-oriented decks that want to draw as much as possible, as well as control decks.

Our first impression is that it may see some experimentation for drawing C'Thun, the Shattered's pieces, maybe in Control Warrior, thanks to Ringmaster Whatley's Battlecry, but Paladin's Redscale Dragontamer allows you to reach the same goal.

A very interesting card that we're sure will find some use in the future and if it becomes too oppressive, the new core set format allows Blizzard to simply push it into Wild next year.

Deathwing the Destroyer Card Image

A straight-up better card when compared to the original Deathwing. If the board is full, you'll still discard your whole hand, but in any other scenario, you'll have the chance to keep some of your cards. For example, if your opponent has just 2 big minions on board, you'll just have to lose a couple of cards instead of nuking your entire hand for that sweet board clear.

We think that classes like Druid and Paladin, which lack hard removals and are control-oriented, will gladly experiment with this new toy.

What do you think of these brand new versions of the Dragon Aspects? How will you play them? Let us know in the comments!