Our coverage of BlizzConline continues with the Hearthstone Developer Q&A panel which we're covering live down below.

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Q&A Live Recap

Below you will find a recap of the important answers from the Q&A. We will not be providing a full transcript.

Game Economy and New Players Experience

  • The next Reward Tracks will request less time and less investment between each level and reward.
  • They guarantee that Reward Tracks should give more gold and new rewards that will be revealed in the future.
  • Free to play experience is a pretty hot topic - they think they've made some big progress towards the affordability of the game in the last couple of years (no duplicate rule, competitive decks for returning players, Core set)
  • There are no concrete plans to change the dust system, but the Reward System will increase the players' resources - we'll be able to notice the difference at the end of this expansion cycle.
  • They made new quests for new players so that they'll be able to step into the game more easily.

Core Set

  • The Core set gives people a better stepping stone for people joining the game
  • The Core Set represents how the devs want classes to be: for example, Druid's removals (Wrath and Swipe) will rotate out but Feral Rage and Pounce will come back, and that's how the class will have to deal with enemy units.
  • The unlock requirements for the Core set are really small - a returning player should be able to get all the cards right off the bat.
  • We won't get 29 new cards every year - the upcoming one is a very big change, so they had to introduce a lot of new stuff.
  • It's definitely possible for Death Knights to return in the future, maybe when they don't plan to print new hero cards: they might make a few adjustments before, but they know many players have fond memories of them.
  • The new versions of the Dragon Aspects reflect what their original versions were about - changing the text was what they wanted to do to bring them in modern Hearthstone. They think they'll be more playable.
  • Malygos will rotate to Wild and will still be playable there.
  • Malygos was pretty limiting for the Spell Damage design: they wanted to have more design space to experiment with.

Forged in the Barrens

  • They were looking for a keyword that represents the strength and resilience of the Horde, and Frenzy was perfect: a minion survives damage and does something crazy!
  • Alliance is gonna have their place, even in the Barrens.
  • Forged in the Barrens features 10 Mercenary cards, one for each class - 5 of them belong to the Alliance, 5 to the Horde.


  • No, the new mode is not getting left behind.
  • Later this year we'll receive new Duels heroes.
  • During the next expansion, Duels is gonna be seeing the addition of the Forged in the Barrens and Journey to Un'Goro sets to its pool

Hearthstone Classic

  • They want players to come to Classic and experience what once was the meta, which is something not many players experienced back in the day.
  • They're open-minded about Classic feedback. Keep your Twitlonger open!

Hearthstone Mercenaries

  • In this game mode, you'll start as a level 1 Mercenary - along the way you'll unlock new equipment, tools and even new forms. More information will come in the future.


  • The devs based the designs of Darkmoon Faire's Old Gods on the original versions of Whispers of the Old Gods
  • Team 5 wants to give control decks finishers (just like C'Thun, the Shattered), other than giving them resource generators like Archivist Elysiana or Galakrond, the Unspeakable - control decks need they a way to close games that isn't pure value generation.
  • There might have been a bit too much card generation with Lackeys, but they are happy about the mechanic overall
  • They want to make sure incredibly big "feelsbad" moments won't happen very often
  • OTK memes, Boulderfist Ogre (good stats for the cost) and Rank 1 Legend posts are the memes the devs like the most.
  • They'd love to do a Murlocs-related expansion - it might happen in the future. Buff Murlocs incoming!
  • Fireside Gatherings will be back, but their priority is to make sure that players are safe and sounds.
  • They love Quest cards: they learned a lot after Un'Goro and Uldum ones were different - in particular, they wanted to make them easier to be completed.
  • If they were to introduce new Quests in the future, they'd add a twist to them.
  • They really expanded the team size in the last couple of years - they have a lot more capacity to create and experiment new things: we can see that in the new game modes, adventures and mini sets. Hearthstone isn't just a game that releases 3 expansions per year anymore.
  • They want to be careful about introducing new hero skins in the future that aren't specific to Warcraft - there needs to be a right occasion for the right character.
  • Class mechanics (like Choose one, Overload and Outcast) for classes that don't have any may come in the future.
  • Priest will get face damage back - it won't be big, but it will at least re-establish its shadow identity trait. Now we see why Shadowform will be back.
  • There may be new passive weapons like Sphere of Sapience in the future: they just have to be flavorful and fit with the expansion.
  • No specific details available, but we'll receive the option to set random hero skins just like we can do with card backs.
  • The same mechanic for The Coin isn't as urgent, but it's definitely gonna arrive in the future.

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