Only a handful of hours separate us from the full reveal of the new Core set and we're very excited to see what we'll be playing with for the next year. As a quick recap and an appetizer for what's about to come, here's what we know so far about the upcoming Core set.

Special thanks to ZelKnow who caught some of these that we didn't.

Buffed Cards

Here are all the cards that we know will receive a buff.

  • Assassinate - Cost decreased from 5 to 4 mana.
  • Menagerie Warden - Cost decreased from 6 to 5 mana; stats will be reduced by -1/-1.
  • Feral Spirit - Overload reduced from (2) to (1) mana.
  • Lightning Storm - Damage dealt is now only 3, the possibility of 2 has been removed - no more highrolls and lowrolls!
  • Earth Elemental - Overload reduced from (3) to (2) mana.
  • Lord Jaraxxus - Hero Card! We don't know what it will look like exactly, but here's something you can chew on while we wait for the actual announcement.
  • Raid Leader - Health increased from 2 to 3.
  • Sprint - Cost decreased from 7 to 6 mana.
  • Tidal Surge - Nature school. Gains Lifesteal keyword.

Wild Cards Returning Without Changes

Here are all the cards we know so far that will be brought back from the Wild format.

Brand New Cards

Here's a list of all the new cards that will be part of the Core set. If you're interested in reading our thoughts about the new Dragon Aspects, we advise you to click here.

Ysera the Dreamer Card Image Malygos the Spellweaver Card Image Deathwing the Destroyer Card Image

Returning Basic & Classic Cards

Core Set Breakdown

Here is the breakdown of what we can expect from the new core set.

  • 88 cards returning from Classic (54 class cards, 34 neutral cards).
  • 54 cards returning from Basic (41 class cards, 13 neutral cards).
  • 55 cards returning from Wild (36 class cards, 19 neutral cards).
  • 4 cards returning from Ashes of Outland (4 Demon Hunter Class cards).
  • 4 cards returning from Demon Hunter Initiate.
  • 1 card returning from Hall of Fame.
  • 29 new cards (20 Class cards, 9 Neutral cards).

What are your predictions about the upcoming Core set? What cards do you think will come back from Wild? What will stick to Standard and maybe get buffed? Let us know in the comments!

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