The weekly Wild post returns after a one-week hiatus due to BlizzConline content overload. We've now seen the new Core set cards, the buffs to some old ones (with some rather interesting choices from the Wild perspective), as well as the entire set as well.

But those are things for the future, right now we have our first taste of the Barrens in the form of the new Vol'jin. Let's see if our community members found something Wild to do with him.

Mecha'thun Warlock

Any deck in need of mana cheat mechanisms seemed like the best fit for our Shadow Hunter friend, and both PainlessSteel and MarkMcKz chose went for some Mecha'thun madness. Judging by the winrate HSReplay gives to Mark's version, the deck isn't just a meme.

Odd Rogue

RavenSunHS found a more Odd home for Vol'jin in this Rogue deck. While Poisoned Daggers-wielding Valeera tends to be quite aggressive, this list packs a couple of heavy hitters for some extra tempo swings.

Midrange Galakrond Warrior

This Warrior list from daggydwarf houses cultists of Galakrond, a lot of Dragons, and pinch of Mechs to spice things up. If you enjoy the midrangy playstyle with honest board combat, this deck could be the one for you - and it comes with an extensive guide!

Hakkar Highlander Hunter

For some unexplained reason I've always had a soft spot for Hakkar despite not even owning the card. I guess it has something to do with the inevitability of the win condition as your opponent keeps drawing Corrupted Bloods while your deck has been purified from that plague. Swizard doesn't want to wait until T10 though, and instead gets the plan rolling with Seeping Oozeling.

Miracle Priest

This list comes all the way from China (via Soda) and was shared with us by razor1995. Lot of cheap spells into zero-cost giant minions - does the gameplan sound familiar to you? Mindrender Illucia really shines in the deck by taking away all removal options from your opponent after your combo turn.

Eager to succumb to the Wild madness? Check out some more Wild decks here.

Came up with something Fair-ly fun yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!