This isn't the first time the Chinese version of Hearthstone has received special features not available elsewhere in the world. Chinese players will be able to compete in tournaments and earn a special Battlenet points currency.

This client addon feature is currently in beta and only available in China as it is not "Blizzard Official" but rather "NetEase Official".

Special thanks to czhihong for breaking the news and translating the original blog post.

How Tournaments Work in Chinese Hearthstone

  • A special client must be installed (windows only). Think of it like running a third-party decktracker, just this is from the company who runs the game in China.
  • Login to Hearthstone with the special client open and you can compete.
  • The client allows you to watch your replays and view past tournament results.
  • Tournaments use the Standard, Last Hero Standing BO3 format.
  • Players play 15 rounds. These rounds can be played at any time during the 3 day tournament.
  • Decks can be changed between rounds but not during your current round.
  • Zayle, Shadow Cloak and Whizbang the Wonderful cannot be used.

According to YingDi, more formats outside of just Standard will be supported in the future. The first tournaments being held will take place this weekend (16-18 August 2019, 1700 to 2200 CST daily).

The Custom Interface

Featuring the special tournament button that becomes active with the addon, the rules, deck selection, matchmaking, opponent found, current standings, and past results.





  • 1st to 10th – 388 Battlenet points
  • 11th to 500th – 60 Battlenet points
  • 501st to 1000th – 30 Battlenet points

You can also get 15 Battlenet points for taking a feedback survey.

What are Battlenet Points?

This has been updated with corrected information. Thanks to ZelKnow for pointing it out.

Battlenet Points are a currency that are equal to Chinese Yuan (CNY). 1 Battlenet point is equivalent to 1 CNY, of which 388 are required to purchase 60 Hearthstone packs. The top 10 in the beta tournament will therefore receive some 60 packs should they choose to spend their points/money on them. Not bad!

What are Reward Points? has a secondary, special rewards currency available only in China. By purchasing digital goods, you'll accumulate reward points and can then redeem them for things like Hearthstone card packs, rare World of Warcraft TCG mounts, and Heroes of the Storm skins. You can check out the official redemption website.