Another weekend, another Wild post! Our community members have continued the exploration of Uldum and uncovered some new decks to take a look at. Be sure to check out the maps (= deck guides) they've drawn so you won't get lost on the way.

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Mech Shaman

JFK has brewed together a Mech Shaman that packs an explosive surprise in the form of Goblin BombsBADCARDNAME. And what would a Wild Shaman deck be without good old Shudderwock.

JFK has also made a deck revolving around Charged Hammer. Shudderwock is doing some work there as well.

Highlander Taunt Druid

Elise won't be going anywhere in this Druid deck Esparanta has put together. With the help of Zola the Gorgon and Emperor Thaurissan, you're able to create a chain of infinite Elises (and N'Zoths).

Echo has helped Malfurion to befriend the tol'vir King Phaoris.

Reno Hunter

MrRhapsody has shared his Legend-worthy Reno Hunter list with us. The archetype isn't doing badly on the Standard side of things either, and Dinotamer Brann currently has the best "played winrate" on HSReplay of all SoU cards on both formats. Turns out 7-mana King Krush with an additional 2/4 body isn't a bad deal.

Watermelon86 has lead his Desert Camels to the doors of a sealed vault.

Reno Mage

Our resident Reno Mage magicman has shared a new, SoU-updated version of his beloved archetype. The deck has some serious burst potential as it packs a potential OTK combo with Cloud Prince.

"I've seen enough Reno Mages" said no one ever. Here's another, battlecry-centric version from Irini.

Darkest Hour Warlock

Lastly, I visited Twitter once again and found another Chinese deck, this time straight from CN #1 Legend. Plague of Flames seems like an excellent fit to the deck given the playstyle of it. And I have to say, the person who tweeted this has an excellent profile picture.

Still hungry for more? Take a look at these Wild decks.

Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!