The weekend has arrived, so it's time to look at the Wild side of Hearthstone. There's been no sign of Forged in the Barrens card reveals yet, but that hasn't slowed down our creative community members who have once again come up with plenty of great decks to enjoy.

Odd Shaman

It's quite rare that a deck "rotates" out of Wild, but with the upcoming Wrath of Air Totem removal from the Basic Totem pool, the Spell Damage-reliant Odd Shaman is likely to take a hit. Here's Jdeg9142's list to say farewell to the archetype as we know it.

Ramp Paladin

It's the revenge of the 8/8s! In addition to the Thekal - Molten Giant combo and the Standard menace Nozdormu the Timeless, Thonson is running the rarely seen Zandalari Templar.

Beast Druid

Another deck where big minions are in the limelight. Given Druid's new Core set and the upcoming buff to Menagerie Warden, decks like Swizard's could be the direction Blizzard is pushing the class in Standard as well.

Big Spell Highlander Mage

From big minions to big spells. MCMitta's list has a healthily greedy, top-heavy mana curve which includes the old favorites Medivh, the Guardian and Dragoncaller Alanna to justify the strategy.

C'Thun Demon Hunter

Our resident OTK memer MarkMcKz has been taking advantage of a Hearthstone interaction™ which re-applies all C'Thun buffs to the Great Eye's copy created by Zai, the Incredible. Play it before Blizzard fixes it!

Eager to succumb to the Wild madness? Check out some more Wild decks here.

Came up with something Fair-ly fun yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!