A little over a week ago, Team 5 announced that they were close to releasing a balance patch, but in the end, they had to delay it due to internal issues and instead release the changes alongside Forged in the Barrens, patch 20.0.

Even though they didn't tell us what cards will be changed, the community started theorizing about them by itself. Many players, including a handful of pros, directed their attention towards Aggro Rogue, one of the best decks in the current meta and known for quite the relentless and uninteractive game plan.

Today, the saga continues! Blizzard has published the updated decks for new and returning players, but they may have made a mistake of listing Nitroboost Poison as a 2 mana spell. 

They very quickly edited the post to place Nitroboost Poison at its current 1 mana, but it was too late. Everyone has already noticed it and posted it on Reddit (big thanks to Makkara126 for noticing it!).

As always, there aren't official statements about it - it might have been just a (very unlikely) typo and we should definitely wait for an actual announcement, but if this change were to be correct, what would you say? Do you think it's deserved? Do you think other cards need to be touched before the Forged in the Barrens meta will start? Let us know in the comments.