Another Wild week is behind us as we were not only treated with the long-awaited card reveal schedule but also informed about some extra spicy nerf reverts that should be of interest to the Wild playerbase. But that's all future talk, let's look at what kind of decks our community members are playing here and now.

Pure Paladin

Swizard spoiled us with three different takes on Paladins revolving around Immortal Prelate this week. Believe it or not, they all include plenty of buffs, Lady Liadrin, and Lynessa Sunsorrow.

Mill Rogue

Rogues are getting increasingly harder to target with their Evasions and Cloaks of Shadows, and Yadeehoo decided to use it to his advantage with this Mill Rogue.

Spiteful Quest Shaman

I have to admit that I don't recall having played against a Spiteful Shaman ever. This list from darkloadfoamy comes with a Quest Shaman core to create some truly tempo-swinging Spiteful Summoner turns.

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ETC OTK Warrior

Dorkpork doesn't seem to be missing the old days of Patron Warrior, but instead embraces the relative ease of ETC OTK. Who needs Charge anyway when you have Rush.

Quest Rogue

Tomorrow's meta today? Sparkinarius seems somewhat convinced that the double-revert to The Caverns Below will see the Quest menace rise again stronger than ever. Better start learning how to play it.

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Came up with something Fair-ly fun yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!