The first Masters Tour event this year took place last weekend with almost 400 players battling it out in an online tournament. In addition to a share of the prize money, the enticing prospect of getting invited to Hearthstone Grandmasters was on the line. You can re-live the action with our spoiler-free post below.

Top 8 Decklists

These decks carried their eight respective pilots to the final day.

Top 8









Floki's Decks

KZGXiaobai's Decks

Maverick's Decks

okasinnsuke's Decks

Sidi's Decks

0 3440 3440 122 0
0 2120 2120 88 0
0 4220 4220 68 0
0 10720 10720 48 0

trahison's Decks

Turna's Decks

0 3440 3440 65 0
0 4420 4420 93 0
0 2120 2120 76 0

XiaoWang's Decks


You can find the VoDs of the three days of competition below.

Day 1:

Day 1 Match VoDs

  • glory vs Furyhunter - Swiss Round 1 (VoD)
  • Impact vs RDU - Swiss Round 1 (VoD)
  • DeadDraw vs Bozzzton - Swiss Round 2 (VoD)
  • Dreivo vs Bunnyhoppor - Swiss Round 2 (VoD)
  • Swiss Round 3 (VoD)
  • Swiss Round 4 (VoD)
  • Crane333 vs DimitriKazov - Swiss Round 5 (VoD)

Day 2:

Day 2 Match VoDs

  • Swiss Round 6 (VoD)
  • Bequiet vs KZGXiaobai - Swiss Round 7 (VoD)
  • Swiss Round 7 (VoD)
  • Pun vs Maverick - Swiss Round 8 (VoD)
  • Swiss Round 8 (VoD)
  • Swiss Round 9 (VoD)
  • ShuiMoo vs okasinnsuke - Round of 16 (VoD)

Day 3:

Day 3 Match VoDs

  • Floki vs Turna - Quarterfinal 1 (VoD)
  • okasinnsuke vs KZGXiaobai - Quarterfinal 2 (VoD)
  • trahison vs XiaoWang - Quarterfinal 3 (VoD)
  • Sidi vs Maverick - Quarterfinal 4 (VoD)
  • Semifinal 1 (VoD)
  • Semifinal 2 (VoD)
  • Final (VoD)


You can find out how the Top 8 single-elimination bracket played out within the spoiler below. The preceding Swiss results can be found here in full.

Top 8 Results


Rogue and Priest were the most popular classes brought in the final tournament before the rotation, but only the former performed well (53% winrate on Battlefy's stats). While over half of the players had Highlander Priest in their lineup, Anduin's fate was to end up at 46% winrate; only the barely-brought Shaman and Hunter were doing worse. Warlock was not on top of the popularity charts but it ended up performed well enough to end at joint top with Rogue in winrates. If you're encountering slightly more Zoolocks on the ladder than before, that might be why.

Show Spoiler

The esports year almost started right for Americas. Having struggled to get high finishes from non-GMs on Masters Tours last year, both McBanterFace and CaelesLuna made it to top 8 in Swiss. However, since Blizzard changed the rules for this year, single-eliminations began with a round of 16 with no extra points given to those getting eliminated and both aforementioned players found themselves on the short end of the stick.

Four players were significantly happier about the change as they progressed from the extra round without a top 8 finish, and Maverick even went all the way to the grand final. His good run ended with a 3-0 sweep in the hands of Xiaobai who continued where the Chinese left off last year as his compatriot XC had won the last tournament at "Madrid". Another country continuing to perform well was Japan, as glory's World Championship victory was followed by okasinnsuke's top 8 and trahison's top 4 finishes.

Despite their disappointing exit at round of 16, both McBanterFace and CaelesLuna secured valuable eight points which puts them on top of the Americas Grandmasters promotion list. In APAC, trahison's top 4 finish in addition to his previous performances make him the runaway leader who seems to have secured a GM spot this early already. His compatriot okasinnsuke also rose to fourth, but will still have to fight for the spot in future tournaments. In Europe, Turna's top 4 finish and his previous results were enough to get to tied second, and Maverick's finals spot got him to fifth, but the battle continues for both as the point differences at the top are very small.

You can follow the Race to Grandmasters on Blizzard's official esports page (not yet updated with Ironforge results at the time of writing).

The esports year continues with Hearthstone Grandmasters Season 1 starting on April 9th. Don't forget to tune in!