Card reveal season for Forged in the Barrens continues with a card reveal from OnlineStation!

And no one was surprised they were late... again. Don't try to visit the link, it won't work. Caching in 2021? Hah!

Sigil of Flame Card Image

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Quote From Celestalon

I'm super hyped for the Demon Hunter card that was just revealed, Sigil of Flame. It's the first in a series of Sigil spells that we're doing for them. I loved working on these, taking a mechanic from WoW and trying to imagine how it could work in Hearthstone.

For those curious how it looks in-game, there's a new icon (similar to the trigger lightning bolt on minions) that appears in your Secret zone. Mousing over it displays the card (to both players, it's not secret).

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