Attention all wannabe achievement hunters! It looks like we might only have less than a week left to try to milk some extra bits of precious XP from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire related tasks. So if you've been largely slacking off until now like some of us *coughs*, this is your last chance to get moving. The official blog word on the subject as follows:

Quote From Blizzard

Finally, please note that incomplete Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Gameplay achievements will no longer grant Reward Track XP after the 20.0 patch is released, and instead a new set of Forged in the Barrens Gameplay achievements will, so don’t forget to finish and claim those before they’re gone!

The clock is ticking now. It's a bit of a shame we won't have until Forged in the Barrens launches (supposedly due to the nature of Hearthstone's patching), and Celestalon himself was quick to confirm the above in case of any lingering doubts. 

With that in mind, the best we can do is to have a look at some last-minute tips and tricks in order to maximize XP gains from Gameplay achievements for various Darkmoon Class and Neutral cards. So far we have covered achievements for Druid/Hunter/Mage and Priest/Paladin/Rogue. Time for another bunch:


These are all fairly easy for a number of reasons. You can go with a single package that covers most achievement areas, or just choose certain cards to better focus on what you want to knock off the list. 

  • Our friend Mad Summoner plus Revolve can do the job in a single game (after which we just cut this package) - if lucky enough not to hit any dormant minions. Annoyingly, those don't count. You could queue in Wild instead just to dilute that minion pool.
  • We actually recommend cutting the weapon package and associated hero attack buffs if you are not seeing much progress with it and go do that achievement with Demon Hunter instead. Yep, it will count. It's so much easier there. 
  • Landslide triggers twice for the achievement when you are overloaded (with Archmage Vargoth that could be even 4 hits from one cast). Extra copies from Diligent Notetaker and various discovers will speed up this process further. 
  • Grand Totem Eys'or only needs you to play any Totem Shaman. Better yet, you can just go Duels even if you own it. Totemic Power summons Legendary totem fairly often when overloaded, it shows up in loot buckets, and there is also Payload Totem Specialist as a cherry on top.


Another set that can be done with relative ease. If you have been playing any Control Warlock (with or without the "crowd favorite" that is Tickatus), then you likely already got some progress with Cascading Disaster and Envoy Rustwix.

  • The only tricky part here is the Darkmoon Rabbit achievement. The quest is not necessary, neither is the weapon. Just all that along with Plot Twist gives you more chances to find your Deck of Chaos and then follow up with your little rabbit "grenades". You may also get some progress towards one Neutral achievement meanwhile.
  • You don't necessarily have to discount your Darkmoon Rabbit as a Warlock. Jepetto Joybuzz could be used to draw your rabbits with any class and deck, it's just less consistent. Same goes for Galakrond, the Nightmare. Wild also has Luna's Pocket Galaxy.
  • For the Free Admission achievement, it's far better to just create any Warlock deck, add two copies of the card and a bunch of low-cost demons, then very likely complete it the first time you queue up. Recover your precious deck slot afterwards and move on. 
  • Duels note: nothing special there, but Control Warlock is stronger than it is in Standard. If you don't have Cascading Disaster, worth a look. It's also easier to multiply your Envoy Rustwix with stuff like Ancient Reflections.


These may take slightly more effort and time, but it's nothing too difficult to set up. If you have E.T.C., God of Metal, then you are undoubtedly familiar with Ranked decks utilizing him, such as Enrage and Control Warrior. Takes care of that one.  

  • It's easier to play a cheap Tent Trasher than it might seem at first glance. The minion has Rush, so Athletic Studies counts as an extra tick or two (also discounts Crabrider and Bumper Car, for slightly worse if similar result). Your Circus Amalgam can bring down Parachute Brigand with it if you plan for it. Your Imprisoned Gan'arg can't be removed while dormant (and your Brawl doesn't affect it), so throw the Demon down two turns before your big combo. You can replace Stonetusk Boar with any other cheap Beast, if you would rather support that Angry Chicken movement. Or have a Hungry Crab for other pesky murlocs. If you own N'Zoth, God of the Deep, it's a great fit that will also count towards its own Neutral achievement.
  • Minefield achievement works alongside Lord Barov as the Deathrattle effect should trigger afterwards. You will still need enough other minions on the board and something to take off 1 Health from him (Inner Rage, Elven Archer). That can get rather complicated, which is where our friends Desert Hare and Mad Summoner offer their services as an alternative. Yet another route just involves stuffing your deck with 0-1 mana cost minions (make sure they have 1 Health!), and ideally queue into Aggro Rogue. We hear they aren't too hard to find. Have Animated Broomstick help set up trades if needed, then Minefield away. 
  • By playing Warrior you have undoubtedly attacked with your weapons while having Armor. But that achievement goes down even faster if you just attack as Druid instead (Wild has Gonk, the Raptor for extra swiftness). Or Rogue/Demon Hunter with Armor Vendor, if we want to get truly weird (not recommended for speed purposes). 
  • Duels note: you could hit Dragon Affinity for your Tent Trasher, and No Guts, No Glory gives you a more useful Hero Power overall. If you don't have N'Zoth, God of the Deep, there is a very good chance of finding it in your loot buckets by going the Menagerie route. 

Keep In Mind

These achievements can only be completed in either Ranked Mode (Standard/Wild), Duels, and Arena. Not Casual Standard/Wild or Tavern Brawl though. It's advised you hit a ranked floor first (i.e. 10 or 5 Silver/Platinum etc.) where you can't lose any stars before attempting anything there. Make sure you're not on a win streak either, it would be a shame to let that go to waste. With nothing at stake and gradual achievement progress to be had, you can have a number of relaxing games that don't require much attention. My favorite for multi-tasking. 

Heroic Duels and Arena will cost you 150 gold per run while having the fiercest competition on average, so probably not the best investment for the sake of some additional XP (pretty good for finding Legendaries you don't have though). Casual Duels, on the other hand, is free of charge, and unlike Casual Standard/Wild, counts for all achievements. Being limited to 15 starting cards can actually help in some cases, and there is even more to gain for hitting 3-12 wins and achieving a flawless 12-0 run if you haven't done those yet.  

Also losing the XP bonus, so grab it while you can! 

Don't Stress Over It 

You should expect that most opponents won't be able to read your intentions even once you start playing weirdly, likely still doing their best to go for the win and inadvertently ruin your delicate setup plans. Alas, it's rather difficult to communicate through a limited selection of emotes! Try not to let that annoy you too much; once in a while someone might catch on and play along. It's your call how much you want to try with these extra sources of XP and whether it's worth your time; every game played adds a small amount regardless. At the end of the day, you wouldn't be missing out on a lot (except for Duels). Just a nice little bonus here and there. 

Unless stated otherwise, you can also complete achievements from one class with another class doing the same thing or getting a hold of required cards (such as Paladin lifesteal or Shaman face damage accomplished by Demon Hunter). We tried to mention that where applicable. The main focus here is on the cards available in the Standard format, as the extent of everyone's Wild collection would vary greatly. That said, you can definitely experiment to find valid additions and replacements based on what you got from the older sets. Many options exist. Good luck! 

How many of these achievements did you manage to get done over the course of this expansion? Are you going to try your hardest during the final week to earn some extra XP or just take it easy? Any other tips and tricks that might be worth sharing with the rest of us? You can use our Deckbuilder to show your own achievement spins for these classes, and drop us a link in the comments! 

Also a shout-out to many of our community members for being an inspiration with their creative suggestions and forum threads such as these. When in doubt, you know where to look!