We've got the inside scoop on a special Uldum themed Tavern Brawl featuring the League of Explorers!

Disclaimer: As with all datamined content, the information you see below may not be represented accurately. We do not know when this is going live.


Quote From Out of Cards

  • Onward to Uldum! - Play the Tavern Brawl.
    • Rewards: 2 Uldum Pack
  • Onward to Uldum! - Win the Tavern Brawl.
    • Rewards: 1 Uldum Packs

Elise - Part Druid, Part Priest, All Explorer!

An Elise hero has been flagged much like the League of E.V.I.L. heroes from the Blackrock Mountain Crash brawls which leads us to believe she will be playable.

It looks like you'll be taking part in a dungeon run-style tavern brawl, meeting your old friends and some new enemies, building up a deck along the way.

Quote From Out of Cards

  • A dark conspirator has crossed my path. Something is afoot.
  • Help me find the other explorers, they are ever so hard to keep track of!
  • The fate of the world depends on us!
  • I need help… It's time to round up the League of Explorers!
  • The League of Explorers has returned! But, we have attracted some attention…
  • A great journey lies ahead of us explorers!

Sir Finley Mrrgglton

Last seen exploring the deserts of Tanaris.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton Card Image

Sir Finley appears to be an encounter where he gets himself into some trouble with sand. You don't want to sit in this sandstorm for long.

Buried Finley Card Image Shifting Sands Card Image Pile of Sand Card Image Sandy Chest Card Image

Quote From Out of Cards

  • Defeat: FORSOOTH!

  • Elise: Finley should be here somewhere?
  • Finley: I'd heard there was something marvelous buried here…
  • Finley: Didn't realize it might be "me!"
  • Finley: Ohhh fish!
  • Finley: I am in your debt! But why did you seek me out?
  • Elise: Evildoers have stolen the city of Dalaran. They're moving into Uldum!
  • Finley: I shall return!

Brann Bronzebeard

Last seen near the Un'Goro Crater.

Brann Bronzebeard Card Image Dino Buddies Card Image

The flavor text wasn't kidding! It looks like Brann has caught himself into a small problem.

King Krush, Untamed Card Image

Quote From Out of Cards

  • Start: I salute ya!
  • Defeat: It was in… my grasp.

  • Elise: Brann? Why are you fighting those creatures?
  • Brann: I'm not fighting 'em! I'm TAMING 'em!
  • Brann: Awww what a wee lad!
  • Brann: I suppose I'm part of this now…
  • Brann: Thank ye! This one's learned his manners!
  • Elise: Then he can help us against our new enemies!

Reno Jackson

Last seen "exploring" near the Dalaran Crater.

Reno Jackson Card Image Gatling Wand Card Image

There isn't anything else that tells us what is unique about this encounter.

Quote From Out of Cards

  • Start: Hey! Look what I found!
  • Defeat: Nobody saw that… I hope?

  • Reno: Go away! I'm in the middle of practicing!
  • Elise: But we need you to save the world!
  • Reno: Laaater!!
  • Reno: HA! Uh… oops?
  • Reno: Look at that! Ha, I'm basically Medivh!
  • Elise: You are basically NOTHING like Medivh…
  • Reno: Wasn't supposed to do that, buuut I did.
  • Elise: *exasperated sigh*
  • Elise: I have an idea, practice against the League of E.V.I.L.
  • Reno: Ooo YES… who are they again?


A shadowy figure was spotted near the gates of Uldum.

Terraviss Card Image Well Equipped Card Image

Quote From Out of Cards

  • Start: I could ussse one of thessse
  • Defeat: E.V.I.L. will reward me handsssomely!

  • Intro: No businessss of yoursssss.
  • Defeat: The League of E.V.I.L. will CRUSSSH you!
  • Elise: The League of "what"?

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn

A villain revealed!

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn Card Image EVIL Grasp Card Image

Quote From Out of Cards

  • Start: Call forth my army!
  • Defeat: None defy me!

  • Intro: Our plan has been set into motion. It cannot be undone!
  • Elise: We will see about that!
  • Elise: Tell me the truth!
  • Defeat: ENOUGH! I shall be in Uldum if you dare to find me!

Deck Building

As with all roguelike content in the game, we're going to get to boost our decks through different bundles. Here is every choice available for each of the bundles.


1 Abusive Sergeant 1 Acornbearer 1 Living Roots 1 Mark of the Lotus 2 Bug Collector 2 Dreamway Guardians 2 Echoing Ooze 2 Haunted Creeper 2 Power of the Wild 3 Addled Grizzly 3 BEEEES!!! 3 Blessing of the Ancients 3 Crypt Lord 3 Hobgoblin 3 Imp Master 3 Moroes 3 Savage Roar 4 Garden Gnome 7 Wisps of the Old Gods 8 The Forest's Aid


1 Crystal Power 1 Mistress of Mixtures 1 Potion Vendor 2 Dreamway Guardians 2 Neferset Ritualist 3 Earthen Ring Farseer 3 Fungal Enchanter 3 Healing Touch 3 Lifeweaver 4 Lifedrinker 5 Antique Healbot 5 Crystal Stag 5 Rotten Applebaum 6 Hidden Oasis 6 Khartut Defender 6 Moonglade Portal 7 Ancient of Lore 7 Overflow 8 Lucentbark 9 Tree of Life

Choices, Choices

1 Crystal Power 1 Jade Idol 1 Living Roots 1 Raven Idol 2 Druid of the Saber 2 Druid of the Swarm 2 Keeper Stalladris 2 Wrath 3 Druid of the Scythe 3 Wardruid Loti 4 Fandral Staghelm 5 Druid of the Claw 6 Dark Wispers 7 Ancient of War 7 Malfurion the Pestilent 7 Wisps of the Old Gods 10 Kun the Forgotten King

All Bark

2 Dendrologist 2 Witchwood Apple 3 Landscaping 3 Mulch 4 Garden Gnome 4 Poison Seeds 4 Soul of the Forest 4 Twig of the World Tree 5 Force of Nature 5 Living Mana 5 Treespeaker 6 Tending Tauren 7 Ancient of Lore 7 Ancient of War 8 The Forest's Aid 9 Cenarius 9 Mulchmuncher

Nature's Wrath

1 Living Roots 1 Naturalize 2 Bloodmage Thalnos 2 Crystalsong Portal 2 Dreamway Guardians 2 Wrath 4 Swipe 5 Anubisath Defender 5 Azure Drake 5 Nexus-Champion Saraad 5 Starfall 6 Gadgetzan Auctioneer 6 Starfire 7 Exotic Mountseller 8 The Forest's Aid 9 Malygos 10 Ultimate Infestation 10 Yogg-Saron, Hope's End 12 Arcane Giant

Feral Bite

0 Pounce 1 Claw 1 Earthen Scales 1 Lesser Jasper Spellstone 1 Spirit of the Raptor 2 Savage Striker 3 Feral Rage 3 Ferocious Howl 4 Bite 4 Branching Paths 4 Ironwood Golem 4 Savage Combatant 4 Swipe 5 Leeroy Jenkins 7 Gonk, the Raptor

Nurture and Grow

1 Biology Project 1 Floop's Glorious Gloop 1 Untapped Potential 2 Crystal Merchant 2 Darnassus Aspirant 2 Loot Hoarder 3 BEEEES!!! 3 Coldlight Oracle 3 Greedy Sprite 3 Grove Tender 3 Jade Blossom 4 Forest Guide 4 Mire Keeper 5 Azure Drake 6 Nourish 7 Ancient of Lore 8 Chromaggus 10 Ultimate Infestation


3 Witching Hour 4 Predatory Instincts 5 Bittertide Hydra 5 Druid of the Fang 5 Menagerie Magician 5 Witchwood Grizzly 6 Stampeding Roar 7 Amani War Bear 7 Dreampetal Florist 7 Giant Anaconda 7 Ironhide Direhorn 7 Malorne 8 Charged Devilsaur 8 Octosari 8 Pit Crocolisk 8 Violet Wurm 9 Oondasta 10 Tyrantus


2 Mark of the Wild 3 Stonehill Defender 4 Defender of Argus 4 Saronite Chain Gang 4 Strongshell Scavenger 5 Anubisath Defender 5 Sludge Belcher 5 Witchwood Grizzly 6 Hungry Ettin 6 Jade Behemoth 6 Spreading Plague 7 Siamat 8 Heroic Innkeeper 8 Lucentbark 8 Primordial Drake 8 The Lich King 9 Hadronox 10 Living Monument

Beasts and Buffs

1 Dire Mole 1 Enchanted Raven 1 Helpless Hatchling 1 Swamp Leech 2 Haunted Creeper 2 Jeweled Scarab 2 Mark of Y'Shaarj 2 Mark of the Wild 2 Vicious Scalehide 3 Addled Grizzly 3 Golden Scarab 3 Mark of Nature 3 Mounted Raptor 3 Vicious Fledgling 4 Evolving Spores 4 Mark of the Loa 4 Wildwalker 5 Oasis Surger 5 Virmen Sensei 6 Dark Wispers