The last weekend before the new expansion and new Hearthstone year has arrived! We don't have to wait until Tuesday to feel the new deck excitement though, as a wave of nerf reverts already took place and reinvigorated archetypes that didn't get much attention previously. Let's take a look what our community members chose to play!

Deathrattle Hunter

Everyone has heard the fear in the voice of those who were there in early Naxxramas days whenever Undertaker is mentioned. Now that Blizzard reverted its nerf, stewartpid jammed a deck full of cheap Deathrattles to give the card the return it deserves.

Quest Rogue

Do you like to play with Maiev? No.

Another terror from the past has returned. The infamously solitaire-like playstyle annoyed a lot of people back in the days, and the Quest became one of the few cards that has been nerfed twice. Now The Caverns Below is back in its former glory, and both Sparkinarius and Valueslol have been tinkering with it. Secret Passage is absolutely disgusting in the deck.

I already faced a Quest Rogue with Derailed Coaster, that was pretty disgusting too...

Even Paladin

Back in their Standard days, Even and Odd Paladin were close to being equal in power level but time in the Wild has been significantly more kind to the latter. With one of Even Paladin's key cards, Call to Arms, getting a nerf revert, the archetype might experience a new rise. Sparkinarius was keen to try out this list.

Quest Galakrond Shaman

Another archetype that got quickly smacked out of existence after a brief period of Standard domination. As Galakronds are rotating, Blizzard decided to unleash the Tempest once more, and QPC123 came up with this Battlecry Shaman list.

Beast Hunter

While stewartpid's deck on top of the post also included Starving Buzzard, it didn't have much use outside the combo with Unleash the Hounds. Korialstrasz, on the other hand, is banking on that renewed draw engine with this Beast-packed Hunter list.

Bonus: Kolento's OTK Worgen Warrior

Many may have forgotten this archetype that was brutally gutted by the Charge nerf, but its revert now allows you to enjoy the deck once more. This list is straight from 2016 with no changes; some cards that have been released since will make the combo even easier.

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Came up with something Fair-ly fun yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!