The Classic format has been out for a few days now, and plenty of players have been experiencing the nostalgia of the old cards. If you're still unsure what to play, fear not, as today we're spotlighting a selection of well-performing pro decks to start your Classic journey with.

Miracle Rogue

A lot of pros seem to have chosen Miracle Rogue for their deck to play when Classic launched. This deck got DeadDraw to Classic #1 Legend in EU. Crane got #2 Legend shortly after with a list that merely swaps one Earthen Ring Farseer to another copy of Azure Drake.

Firebat opted for a more fast-drawing version of the deck, cutting a good chunk of the higher-costed minions in the process. Even Leeroy Jenkins was omitted! He also made a Youtube video about the deck.

Combo Druid

If HSReplay's stats are anything to go by, Druid is the early front runner of the Classic Format. The good old combo of Force of Nature & Savage Roar has kept a lot of players counting if their opponent has the burst from hand to kill them in couple of turns. Thijs made a Youtube video about this list, mentioning it being his favorite deck ever.

Ike has also created a variant of the list with several card changes compared to Thijs' version, and has went 14-1 with the deck so far.

Freeze Mage

Habugabu chose to put a small twist in the usual Freeze Mage list by going with Giants as a win condition. The list still has the Freeze Mage staple combo of Alexstrasza + burn from hand but you have to be more careful with those spells without Archmage Antonidas to generate more Fireballs.


While Handlock has definitely been very popular so far, another Warlock favorite - Zoolock - is also rather strong in capable hands. Pizza's aggressive list is certain to win the board in the early game with tons of 1-drops.

Midrange Shaman

Ant took a trip down memory lane and tackled Classic with the first deck he got a ladder finish with. If you're facing a lot of Handlocks (or just dislike them in general), this deck could prove useful to you.

None of the above seem to suit your playstyle? Check out what our community members have created here.

Blizzard's Classic deck recipes also seem quite solid starting points for most of the common strategies you'd expect to see in the format (like the aforementioned Handlock), so do not hesitate to try them out too!