It won't be long until the expansion is in our hands so you should already be thinking what to play on this magical Day 1. However, with tons of cards available in Wild it's not that easy to decide. No worries, our community members have been working hard to create a plethora of awesome theorycrafts for the Wildest of formats, and we're showcasing some for each class!

Deathrattle Demon Hunter

No prizes for guessing the most theorycrafted archetype for DH this expansion as Blizzard's "gentle push" towards Deathrattle decks did not go unnoticed. While Valueslol went with this list, aiming to maximize the Death Speaker Blackthorn value, fribzi and tictacfm had more Standard-heavy lists with Taelan Fordring as an additional tutor.

Celestial Alignment Druid

One should've known that the meme-looking card will rise over the shiny legendaries in theorycraft value. The memories (or scars) of Naga Sea Witch Giants had clearly not left our community members as we got plenty of similar theorycrafts e.g. from Richman, MrRhapsody, and Streifen. If the interaction works as it used to, all Giants will cost 0 after casting Celestial Alignment, which should create some overpowered tempo swings.

Tavish Hunter

Kamouh is planning to take advantage of Tavish Stormpike's effect, as playing him alongside either Wild Bloodstinger or Tundra Rhino will start a chain of Beast summons from your deck, all being able to attack right away. Elfensilver had a similar idea with a Highlander Hunter list, where Dinotamer Brann will start a chain of Rush Beast summons.

Even Mage

Easy guess what Mages want to do this expansion, I'm excited about it too. There were a lot more theorycrafts than I could possibly mention here, so in addition to MrRhapsody's list below (I like the Starscryer tech to try and increase chances of getting Wildfire early), I'm going to mention Valueslol's similar list, Loknax's Control-ly take with Doomsayer, and DePachy's deck with The Amazing Reno board reset.

Secret Paladin

Is it time for Secret Paladin to rise again? Stop asking questions! Spinnenhonig went all-in with the strategy as the list consist of nothing else but Secrets and direct synergy cards. Valueslol plans to guarantee the combo of Mysterious Challenger followed by Cannonmaster Smythe by including Lorekeeper Polkelt to the list. If only your opponent would leave the secrets be for a turn...

Quest Priest

One of Demonxz95's "favorite" archetypes got plenty of support in the Barrens with a good chunk of healing and heal-rewarding cards. Spinnenhonig's list is more control-oriented and includes C'Thun, the Shattered and N'Zoth, the Corruptor for some Old God value, while Kamouh went even further with the healing strategy.

Even Rogue

The new rise of Quest Rogue took a lot of the theorycrafting attention away from the Barrens, but a couple of lists using Scabbs and his Stabs did pop up. RavenSunHS used the duo to create this rarely-seen Even Rogue list which has the potential to some insane combo turns. Another deck that warmly welcomes especially the Rank 3 version of the spell is Malygos Rogue, and olisee12 naturally included the combo-enabler Efficient Octo-bot to the list as well.

Murloc Shaman

I mentioned that there were a lot of Mordresh Mages, but they were nothing compared to the sheer amount of Murloc Shamans that Barrens inspired. ThatBird, LX, and jvjd all chose "regular" Murloc Shamans, while some brave players like frosthearth ventured deeper in the Murloc marsh and included Unite the Murlocs. What do the lists have in common (except most Murloc cards)? They run the Firemancer Flurgl + Toxfin combo that should give a board clear option to a deck that previously lacked one.

Self-Mill Warlock

Another "gentle push" from Blizzard that our community members felt clearly. Neoguli wants that sweet reward from Neeru Fireblade as fast as possible but also doesn't want to die to fatigue immediately after, which is why the deck runs both Hemet, Jungle Hunter and Envoy Rustwix (plus Vectus for the latter). Valueslol also chose Hemet but lacked the self-preservation that Neoguli had, while MCMitta and MrDrStevenson included Chef Nomi to their lists for additional empty deck value.

Pirate Warrior

Warriors didn't get as clear Blizzard instructions on how to navigate at the Barrens, and that led to a variety of theorycrafts. Both puffy and Kurienno went for Pirates, although either deck isn't exactly teeming with the new cards, while MrRhapsody chose the linkblade91-approved route of Quest Taunt Warrior as well as Double Patron Warrior.

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