Having trouble finding games? An unfortunate error has popped up with the launch of Forged in the Barrens and it is preventing you from finding games in Standard and Wild.

The issue is due to opponents you have been matched against having Core Set cards in their decks. We're expecting a speedy resolution from Blizzard but there is not currently an ETA on a fix.

Update: Blizzard is also investigating issues with Classic Packs not granting Hall of Fame cards.
Update 2: Remove Golden Core Set cards from your deck as a workaround. You will still encounter an issue if opponents have them, but it will lessen the chance.

Update 3: Fix is going out everywhere. 10:24 PM Eastern

Quote From Kerfluffle

(NEW) A bug where queueing for ranked Standard or Wild can fail if you or the opponent you’re matching with has Core Set cards in their deck.

Quote From Chris Sierra

Workaround: Remove Golden Core Set cards from your deck!

Quote From cmdylux

Hey! Going to hijack the sticky here. We just released a hotfix addressing the matchmaking error for Standard, Wild, Duels, and Casual. It might take a little while for this to deploy across all regions, but once it has you should be able to queue for these modes without issue. Also, a fix for Secrets from the Core Set not being Discoverable from Ringling's Rifle and Ring Toss went out at the same time.