Forged in the Barrens is here and it is time for a deck roundup for everyone's favourite edgy class, the Demon Hunter!

  • Use these decks the way they are or as a base to find your own path in Forged in the Barrens.
  • Decks that are doing well today may not be doing well tomorrow - the meta is rapidly evolving.
  • We are not suggesting you craft any cards yet. If your dust is important to you, wait 1-2 weeks after launch to let the meta settle a bit.

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Deathrattle Demon Hunter

It is no surprise to see Deathrattle Demon Hunter as a thing considering how much support was added to it in Forged in the Barrens. Aim to start things off with Battlefiend and Tuskpiercer for early aggression and assistance in getting those key Deathrattle cards into your hand. Razorboar and Razorfen Beastmaster are fantastic tools for cheating out minions, making holding onto some of your Deathrattle cards key in obtaining maximum value.

Death Speaker Blackthorn is our closeout though. All our Deathrattle minions in the deck can be brought out by this card so enjoy the value!

Aggro Demon Hunter

Me not that kind of SMOrc! The name of the game is to hit your opponent in the face. Demon Hunter didn't get as many cards as one may have expected for hero-to-hero face-hitting fun, but the new Fury (Rank 1) makes for an amazing card in the late game when it gives you +4 attack for 1 mana once you've hit 10 mana crystals.

Guardian Augmerchant is a fun play after putting Oasis Thrasher on the field. Not only will our crazy croc friend get to deal some damage with the Frenzy effect, but putting a divine shield on the resulting 2/2 gives you excellent annoyance factor.

DracoCatt's Soul Demon Hunter

"Illidari Inquisitor has to be the most insanely good finisher Soul DH never knew it needed. I recommend this deck to people who want to punch people in the face for having fun."

Forged in the Barrens Day 1 Demon Hunter Pro Decks

The first day is always one of the most interesting because of a variety of different strategies being checked out. Here are all the great Demon Hunter decks we collected from pros from Forged in the Barrens Day 1.

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