Forged in the Barrens is here and it is time for a deck roundup for everyone's favourite dish of Holy Macaroni, Paladin!

  • Use these decks the way they are or as a base to find your own path in Forged in the Barrens.
  • Decks that are doing well today may not be doing well tomorrow - the meta is rapidly evolving.
  • We are not suggesting you craft any cards yet. If your dust is important to you, wait 1-2 weeks after launch to let the meta settle a bit.

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Rase's Libram Watch Post Paladin

Paladins are still studying in the library heavily and with the Cariel Roame synergy that can further reduce not only the costs of your precious books but also the other core spells of the deck, it only makes sense.

We've also got some fun Watch Post stuff in the deck with Kargal Battlescar, Far Watch Post, and Mor'shan Watch Post. We can use this to delay our opponent and get some solid bodies on the board to give us targets to play with. We can tutor Kargal easily through Taelan Fordring, which also provides us with a Divine Shield and Taunt minion to give some of our buffs to.

Libram Paladin? Yes!

Panacea108's Secret Caravan Paladin

Secret Paladin got some great support in Forged in the Barrens through the addition of a new secret, Galloping Savior, and synergy with Sword of the Fallen being able to cast our secrets for free and Northwatch Commander with its import card draw and strong body.

The Blademaster Samuro and Conviction (Rank 1) makes for a display of fireworks that Consecration dreams about. 

The real beauty here though is our ability to get some dudes on the field from the Paladin carvan card, Soldier's Caravan. We have the ability to protect it through control, taunts, and misdirection (Noble Sacrifice), which lets us pump out recruits that can go straight to face or get buffed and then make quick work of the opponent. Fun stuff!

Secret Paladin

We can't talk about Paladin without going into a secret-heavy deck! This is one of the more popular lists we've got several streamers playing on Twitch and it makes use of the jaw-dropping Cannonmaster Smythe. Its Christmas in April as you light up your hero portrait with yellow lights of questionable quality and turn them all into 3/3 minions.

We've also got Sunreaver Spy who joined the Core Set, escaping rotation since they were originally from Rise of Shadows which got the boot this year, and Crossroads Gossiper which can gain some nice power for having secrets in play. Gossiper is especially fun when Noble Sacrifice triggers, mitigating the death of your favourite goblin girl and giving her some well-deserved buffs.

Sweeping the Library Broom Paladin

I'm sorry, I know how much people hate Pen Flinger and Animated Broomstick but it's a lose-lose situation. No matter how this article is structured, I'll get hit with it included or without it so let's let some people at least enjoy it before Blizzard decides to make changes to either card. Blizzard has not confirmed that we will see changes for either of these cards.

You already know the drill, just enjoy the additions of Blademaster Samuro for legendary board control and Holy spell synergy thanks to Knight of Anointment, Veteran Warmedic, and Cariel Roame.

Forged in the Barrens Day 1 Paladin Pro Decks

The first day is always one of the most interesting because of a variety of different strategies being checked out. Here are all the great Paladin decks we collected from pros from Forged in the Barrens Day 1.

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