New Ranked Season is upon us! And with Forged in the Barrens expansion merely a few days old, the Standard meta continues its dynamic development. You can already find a lot of viable archetypes for each class on the site, and we've been constantly monitoring for some more updated decks that either took a high Legend finish towards the end of March, or have already managed to become early Legend contenders as of the start of this month.

If you're eager to find some inspiration for your ladder journeys in the coming days, perhaps something below might appeal to your tastes and align with your current card collection. As always, we advise you don't commit too heavily to crafting all the cards you don't own at the moment - the present meta landscape might shift again after the weekend! 

Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Jambre has slightly altered his initial list while fighting for the top spots at the end of the season - you will notice Warglaives of Azzinoth did not make the cut after all, with Far Watch Post stepping in to buy more time early on. It seems that was just about enough to grab the qualification for the upcoming Masters Tour. Nicely done!

If you were like me, worrying that Death Speaker Blackthorn you pulled from the packs might be completely useless for now, perhaps it's a sign to reconsider. 

Burn Shaman

Pacemanpiff tweeted their early ladder success with this list, as credited to no other than one of Hearthstone's World Champions, Hunterace. The small totem package is interesting, even as Bru'kan and Novice Zapper tend to make the real difference. Some Nature spells can go face with an extra oomph thanks to that sweet spell damage boost. 

Deck of Lunacy Spell Mage

There is a new villain in Hearthstone, a faceless menace transforming your spells into higher cost ones. This week, everyone is banding together to complain about the power of Deck of Lunacy. Crane has had a good track record with his take on it, along with many others (some faithful still choose to stick with C'Thun, the Shattered).

Why is it resurfacing now? Turns out there are a lot of strong spells in the current Standard pool, which is why Apexis Blast and Font of Power have found a new life along with the whole Spell Mage archetype. You may laugh in disbelief until Nagrand Slam stomps all over your face several turns early. Then again, maybe it will go back to being a notable meme if there is not enough consistency to be found at the end of the day. 

Pen Flinger Aggro Hunter

Americas Grandmaster Rami94 was inspired by a similar list from data whiz D0nkey, and they have both achieved very respectable Legend ranks while hitting people in the face across a variety of means. And we really mean variety. Pen Flinger in Hunter? It's a thing now! If you thought you could catch a well-deserved respite from being called a loser, I'm afraid we've got some bad news to report.

Secret Paladin

BabyBear did not waste time making it to Legend early with this variation on Paladin secrets. No Cannonmaster Smythe, but there is Crabrider! Which means it definitely earns our stamp of approval. 

Token Druid

Apollion and several other people sealed their top ladder finishes with reliable takes on the deck we are all familiar with by now. Gibberling power holds up. Seeing as Fungal Fortunes and Glowfly Swarm remain with us, it's not a great surprise. You might notice Guff Runetotem started being cut, though. Some players also like to slot in a copy or two of Guidance.

Fancy anything showcased here so far? Are there certain deck archetypes and classes you are hoping to see more of? Or maybe you have got your own ideas and success stories to tell with decks that might do even better? Our smooth deckbuilder is here to help!