Twitter is full of new Standard decks in the wake of the launch of Forged in the Barrens and trying to find any Classic lists proved to be harder than dodging Pen Flingers on the ladder. Luckily HSReplay has already gathered some data from the new game mode, and today we'll be looking at some well-performing aggressive decks.

Face Hunter

Truly a classic aggro deck. If the arrows aren't pointing at your opponent's hero, you're probably playing it wrong.


I know that I had one Zoolock list in the pro Classic decks post, but if we're going to talk about best aggressive decks, it has to be included again.

Aggro Paladin

As you may have noticed, certain set of Neutrals will be featured in almost every deck. Divine Favor is an amazing draw engine although this list includes some expensive cards that can make it clunky time to time.

Aggro Warrior

The Pirate Warrior before Pirate Warrior really became a thing. Some familiar features can already be seen in this early iteration.

Aggro Rogue

It's not all Miracle for Rogues either. Unlike most aggro decks, this list includes symmetrical draw (Coldlight Oracle) and good old King Mukla for early game tempo.

Aggro isn't your thing? Check out what our community members have created here.

Blizzard's Classic deck recipes also seem quite solid starting points for most of the common strategies you'd expect to see in the format so do not hesitate to try them out too!