The weekend has arrived and so has our weekly Wild post. Despite the immeasurable sadness caused by everyone's favourite Karazhan-dweller getting nerfed next week, we'll bravely take a look at some of the decks our lovely community members have shared with us. Don't forget to visit the deck pages for guides!

OTK Hunter

Let's start things off with some truly Wild OTKs. ARES has been feeding his Dispatch Kodos well, causing them to grow to fearsome Beasts. Add some shenanigans with Scarlet Webweaver and Hunting Party and you've won the game.

capndavey has shared another version of OTK Hunter with Gahz'rilla.

Highlander Warrior

Zephrys the Great has further encouraged the highlander strategy for classes that don't have any designated tools for that purpose, and it has been working out well. FirePaladinHS has even reached Legend with this N'Zoth Warrior list.

ScentOfaWookie has found his way to Wild with this Weapon Warrior deck.

Mech Mage

Can you still remember the glory days of Mech Mage? Pepperidge Farm remembers I do, and I still reserve one of my deck slots for my original GvG version. Hydralisk, however, has decided to bring the mechanical awesomeness up-to-date with this fast and furious list.

"Not quite Casino Mage", sebomatikus tells us but he ain't fooling anyone. Praise Yogg.

Dragon Soul Priest

Infinite value! Got your attention, didn't I? Mercynary9 has come up with a way of abusing the good old Test Subject combo in order to summon lots of Dragon Spirits. And doing it again. And again. Fair warning from Mercynary9, the animations can end up being really time-consuming.

Mercynary9 has also tried to make another less-seen Priest card, Surrender to Madness, playable with this Mech Priest.

Even Shaman

In addition to making a well-performing Brawl deck, Xarkkal has shared another Shaman list aimed for Ranked ladder. Vessina is truly working wonders in the format, reaching winrates above 60% on HSReplay.

Kovachut has been making a push for Legend with Jade Shudderwock Shaman.

Still hungry for more? Take a look at these Wild decks.

Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!