We've got some great news tonight out of Dean Ayala's weekly Q&A as far as the upcoming balance patch goes! We've been patiently waiting for Alec Dawson to follow up his original tweets with more information on the changes we can expect to target Mage, Paladin, Rogue, and Neutral cards, but Dean has let us thankfully let us rest this weekend.

We should be getting details on the balance patch on Monday or Tuesday next week. We're not sure if the patch will be arriving on the same day of the announcement since Alec said changes would be going out "early" next week, which seems to conflict with the same times Dean has provided, but we know we're happy to see anything that will swap up the meta.

Quote From Dean Ayala

When will you reveal the new balance changes were gonna see next week?

Probably Monday or Tuesday.

Paladins and Mages, enjoy this weekend because although you'll still likely be strong, things are going to get changed up and you will, hopefully, see some less oppressive winrates. Rogues, we're still likely losers to you, but here's to hoping that we don't have to hear about it 40 times a game as you crush our board and faces.

Interestingly, we also got some great insight into why the upcoming patch is taking "so long this time around".

  • They had previously expected to do a patch this upcoming week, even before the expansion released.
  • Creating these patches are very taxing on some members of the team that make the patches.
  • Dean thinks that mid-late this week would have been better timing to plan for.
  • It takes the devs 3-5 days of gameplay to know if they need to make balance changes.
  • Planning and releasing a patch on all platforms takes an additional 3-5 days.
  • In the future, Dean thinks they might try to plan the first balance patch the following end of week if the expansion launches on a Tuesday.

Quote From Dean Ayala

Is there any particular reason that the balance patch is taking so long this time around. Anything to do with mobile? Or maybe you just want to let people experience deck of lunacy because it is admittedly kinda fun to play.

Balance patches are pretty taxing on a bunch of individuals that make the patch. Next week was what we planned for even before the expansion released and the meta didn't feel like it was in a place where an emergency fix was necessary. (Source)

In retrospect, I think mid-late this week was probably a better timing to plan for. We usually know enough to make a choice after 3-5 days of gameplay. Planning and releasing a patch on all platforms takes another 3-5 days. (Source)

If we release on a Tuesday, I think next time we'll plan on having a patch release by end of week the following week. It gives us the weekend to mull options and check out data, make a choice and implement Monday, release later in the week. (Source)

What balance changes are you hoping to see in next week's patch?