In Hearthstone's 20.0.2 patch notes, an interesting bug fix was posted which made a reference to an old hero skin for Paladin, Sir Annoy-O.

The patch notes indicate that a bug was fixed with how this skin displays in the Hearthstone shop. Since we've never seen Sir Annoy-O since his original debut back in Hallow's End of 2018, this is an odd thing to bring up again... unless..

Sir Annoy-O is making a return! When he was first available as a hero skin you had to buy him alongside 20 Witchwood packs. That won't likely be the case this time, and we can probably expect pricing similar to other returning heroes like Sylvanas, which cost 1500 Gold or $10.

Quote From Blizzard

  • Fixed a bug where the Sir Annoy-o Hero Skin, the Crossroads bundle, and the Barrens Tavern Pass were showing incorrect art in the purchase window.