Got Dust? Well not if you disenchanted Kargal Battlescar today!

Kargal was effectively nerfed with today's patch since two of the cards he references, Far Watch Post, and Mor'shan Watch Post lost some health. Because of this, Blizzard will be opening him up for dust refunds later this week in a client hotfix and retroactively awarding anyone who disenchanted him after the patch the full dust value - just in case you accidentally pulled the trigger.

Kargal Battlescar Card Image

Exact timing is not known, but we expect Blizzard will issue an update once the hotfix goes out.

Quote From @PlayHearthstone

In a hotfix later this week, Kargal Battlescar will become eligible for a full dust refund for 2 weeks. In the days following the hotfix, compensation will go out for players who dusted Kargal after the 20.0.2 patch notes were published.