Forged in the Barrens has been out for some time now, and while some legendaries can be seen in almost every other match, some are barely seeing any play. To help with that we're taking a look at the strongest decks for some of the underplayed legendaries based on HSReplay's data.

Disclaimer: Data was taken from Diamond to Legend unless mentioned otherwise.

Hero Power Mage (with Varden Dawngrasp and Mordresh Fire Eye)

The new Mage duo got heavily overshadowed by the rise of Lunacy Mage, but might finally be getting a foothold in the meta after nerfs. The dual-class duo from Scholomance provides additional support for their legendary friends.

Miracle Rogue (with Scabbs Cutterbutter)

Different Tempo/Miracle builds of Rogue are definitely meta but Scabbs has struggled to find a home in them. This list takes advantage of the mind-boggling amount of draw Rogues currently have access to in order to trigger those Oil Rig Ambushers.

Frenzy Rush Warrior (with Rokara and Overlord Saurfang)

Rush Warrior seems to be another deck on the rise, and this list includes a small Frenzy package to make the Saurfang inclusion viable as well as Taelan Fordring to tutor him.

Taunt Druid (with Guff Runetotem and Plaguemaw the Rotting)

Approach with caution, as this list doesn't reach the performance of the first three on the top ranks of the ladder. It is nonetheless a more interesting alternative for Spell Token Druids.

Burn Warlock (with Neeru Fireblade)

Even more caution required. This list doesn't reach the 50% limit even at lower ranks, but honestly, I would've guessed it'd perform much worse than the 47+% at Legend that it currently has. Still, this one is more for the memes than climbing.

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