Georgec has hit rank 1 legend in classic on not one, not two, but all three of Hearthstone's servers! Considering the amount of competition at the top of any of Hearthstone's ladders, this is quite the achievement and we're expecting he'll have to fight quite hard if he wants to keep it for the end-of-season rankings.

He has been kind enough to share his decks over on his Twitter account, so we've put them together on the site and made them easier for everyone to use themselves on their own climbs on the Classic ladder.

You can always see up-to-date leaderboards on the official Hearthstone website. As of writing, we have verified George's Rank 1 status.

Classic Combo Ramp Druid

It all started out with George stomping the ladder in Europe with Druid. He took Rank 1 legend at the start of the season, though it wouldn't be his for long.

Classic Freeze Mage

A few days after his achievement, George got his Rank 1 Legend status back on the Classic ladder in Europe when he brought out Freeze Mage. "Farming all the Miracle and Zoo players."

Classic Miracle Rogue

On April 16, George announced that he had hit Rank 1 on both Europe and the Americas servers. He was holding the positions with this Miracle Rogue deck.

Classic Face Hunter

Yesterday, George climbed through the Asia-Pacific realm to earn his third Rank 1 Legend title in Classic. Face Hunter was the key and he held a 68% winrate with it, his run going just over 150 games at an end score of 103-49!

We don't know what's next for George, but we're excited to see what kind of placements he can keep toward the end of the season. Will he be the first Hearthstone player to hold a Rank 1 title on all of Hearthstone's servers for a game mode? Could the competition heat up fierce to knock him down to the bottom? We've got two weeks to go but we'll be keeping an eye out.

Good luck, George!