Ask and you shall receive! Comments in our strongest Wild Barrens decks post mentioned wanting to see the strongest decks in all formats, Barrens or not, and we heard you! Today we'll take another glimpse into HSReplay's stats to see what are the best decks for each class in Standard.

DISCLAIMER: Yup, a lot of meta decks incoming, don't shoot the messenger. Data taken after nerfs from Diamond to Legend. All stats mentioned were correct at the time of writing.

Rush Warrior

This is the strongest list in Diamond to Legend with a healthy 1.2% margin, but it is followed by a TON of Paladins before the next Rush Warrior list. An outlier, or lack of players trying out the class that was deep in the dumpster before nerfs?

Secret Paladin

Paladins, Paladins everywhere! - Buzz Lightyear if he played Hearthstone

Even if Uther just missed the top spot, there's absolutely no reason to be sad - Paladin in all possible flavors is thriving, and there are dozens of lists comfortably breaking 60% winrate. Here are the current top two with Librams and not.

Face Hunter

The third member of the winrate breakaway trio. If you haven't seen this deck, you haven't been playing Standard. This particular list includes a copy of Voracious Reader, which is overall a rare tech in the top lists.

No Minion Mage

The only list capable of breaking the 60% winrate in addition to the aforementioned. Most lists seem to be running neither Deck of Lunacy nor C'Thun, the Shattered, and Evocation that this list includes also seems like a rare tech.

Control Warlock

Warlocks are very much in the meta as well despite the generally unfavorable matchups against Paladins and Hunters. Venomous Scorpids seem to be absent from most top lists, whereas Alexstrasza the Life-Binder and Envoy Rustwix are popular techs.

Secret Rogue

Miracle is still very much alive, but the top spot goes to the Secret variant. Jandice nerf had no impact on her popularity, whereas Pen Flingers have disappeared from almost all top lists.

I know I said "7 strongest" so I'll have to stop now, but I'm just going to mention that this Clown Druid and this spicy Deathrattle/OTK hybrid Demon Hunter are the top lists for the classes, both falling a bit short of 57% winrate (the latter was tied with a more conventional OTK build with Illidari Inquisitors but we all knew which one I'd post; how did it ever get the top spot is beyond me). Shaman and Priest are not doing too well.

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