We already took a look at the strongest Barrens-inspired Wild decks by stats during the week, and with the weekend's arrival, it's time to look at what our community members have been brewing lately, as usual.

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OTK Warrior

KmemBM's deck is going to OTK you one way or another, as it packs the potential for both Charge-combo and the ETC-combo. No, I'm not linking the new ETC there, that's one annoying card name to write.

Big Spell Mage

Swizard has built this spitefully greedy list to maximize Khadgar value and as a result, several high-Cost cards in the list have a summoning effect.

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Even Shaman

Our midweek post paired Murlocs and Totems in Even Shaman, while RavenSunHS has paired our fishy friends with Jades instead. Aya Blackpaw did not make the cut though.

Aggro Paladin

This aggressive list from cakespecialist isn't packing too many minions, and the game plan is very much about disrupting your opponent's plays while buffing the minions you got.

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Celestial Beast Druid

A different take on Celestial Alignment combo from bhlv518. Since everything will cost 1, both Guardian Animals and Grizzled Guardian will pull out your big Beasts, leaving your opponent with little mana to counter the swings.

Preparing for the Wilds of the Barrens? Arm yourself with more community decks.

Forged something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!