We've got a teaser from Blizzard for the next tribe coming in Hearthstone's next Battlegrounds update - the Quilboar! We don't know a whole lot about the tribe yet, this is only a teaser after all, but the Blood Gem mechanic looks like it will be a common synergy within the tribe for plenty of +1/+1 fun.

  • 3 new heroes are being added in the patch.
  • 17 new minions are being added in the patch.
  • Blood Gems are 0-cost spells that give a friendly minion +1/+1.

Read on for everything Blizzard has talked about for the new tribe. Since the tribe is new, it will always be available in Battlegrounds until the next major patch, though we are still limited to 5 total tribes in a game, so now 3 tribes will be on the ban list when you enter.

Quote From Blizzard

The first is a preview of the next major Battlegrounds update: Quilboar! The Quilboar update will include the new Quilboar minion type, 17 new minions, 3 new heroes, and a new mechanic: Blood Gems! 

Blood Gems are spells that give a friendly minion +1/+1. Some Quilboar give you Blood Gems, while others have special interactions when Blood Gems are played.


There will still be five minion types per Battlegrounds game once Quilboar are added, meaning that three minion types will be excluded from each game. Just like when Dragons, Pirates, and Elementals were added, Quilboar will show up in every Battlegrounds match until our next major content patch.

The full details of the Quilboar update will be shared in the 20.2 patch notes, tomorrow.