That's a fun turn of events! On the official Hearthstone forums this afternoon, Kerfluffle has confirmed that the $7 Alleria skin that we posted about yesterday was an error and that it would be corrected. In addition to this correction though of bringing her up to $10, the same price that we can expect from returning heroes, we'll also see her skin being available in-game for 1500 Gold.

If you lucked out and picked her up at a discount yesterday that is great news, but this is even better news for those that wanted to pick her up for the usual 1500 Gold since that will now be an option.

Pricing may take some time to update across regions. Are you planning on pickup up Alleria now that she will be available for gold? Let us know in the comments below!

Quote From Kerfluffle

The Alleria Windrunner Hero Set was added to the in-game and web shops yesterday with incorrect pricing and purchasing options. Today, we’ll be updating the Hero Set to the correct price of $9.99 US and also making it available for purchase for 1500 Gold. It may take some time for the pricing to update across all regions and platforms.