The weekend has arrived with May Day and the new season. Let's take a look at some awesome community decks to take on the Wildest Hearthstone ladder to begin your climb.

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Quest Hunter

Let's kick things off with TentacularMoth's Legend-worthy list which is teched against Mages. Warsong Wrangler will buff Queen Carnassa's Raptor tokens to more fearsome minions, and comboing them with Tundra Rhino can lead to a lot of damage from hand.

Our own AbusingKel has also been tinkering with the Raptors with this OTK deck.

Spell Damage Mage

Neoguli is stacking a lot of Spell Damage on minions by taking advantage of Aegwynn's Deathrattle effect. The strategy can lead to some pretty broken Ras turns.

Big Spell Shaman

Esparanta has gone BIG with this Shaman deck which doesn't waste too many slots for card under the mana cost of 4. The list includes tutors for your powerful swing cards as well as Rummaging Kobolds to refresh your Atiesh.

Big Demon Hunter

Esparanta isn't the only one going big as anchorm4n has come up with this Demonic list. Barnes is a curious inclusion for a list with rather many potential whiffs, but I guess it's the highrolls that truly count.

Thief Rogue

Elfensilver's gift for all the Tess lovers out there. The new Silverleaf Poison can turn your Spectral Cutlass into an infinite draw engine, in addition to the very welcome healing it provides.

Preparing for the Wilds of the Barrens? Arm yourself with more community decks.

Forged something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!