We've got some fresh news off the datamining press this afternoon, two heroes are making their return to the game in the Hearthstone shop - Lunara the Druid and Magni the Warrior.

We don't know exactly when they will be making their returns, since Dame made her return today, but it has been some time since we've been able to obtain both of these heroes.

Magni was one of the first Hearthstone Hero Skins that was introduced to the game back in 2015, being removed from the shop in late 2019. Available alongside Alleria and Medivh, Magni originally cost $10 and came with a card back. We're expecting the price on Magni to remain the same but he should become available for gold as well, 1500 if previous heroes are any indication.

Lunara has never been available for purchase in the past but instead was rewarded back in Year of the Raven for winning 10 games in Standard's Ranked or Casual modes. That was back in 2018 so it has been a couple of years since Lunara was available. Interestingly, Lunara is a character that was not first found in World of Warcraft but Blizzard's cross-IP game, Heroes of the Storm. She made her way into World of Warcraft and then Hearthstone later on.

Oh, and did we mention that Lunara was the first alternate skin for Druids? That was a sigh of relief when we no longer had to see community complaints about the lack of more Druid skins!

Are you going to be picking up either of these heroes when they make their return?